3M Mix on Demand Sealant System

Precision sealing made simple.

  • Mix on Demand Sealant System

    Meet the 3M Mix-on-Demand Sealant System

    Now building lighter, safer aircraft is easier than ever. Our ready-to-go, mix-on-demand sealant creates a high-quality mix with less entrapped air. So you'll get the job done faster. Reduce product waste. Save money. But here’s what really seals the deal: you’ll stress less and fly more.

    • No hand mixing
    • No freezing or thawing
    • Sealant packs can be stored at room temp* for up to 9 months
    • Ready in 30 seconds or less
    • Reduce product waste by mixing only what you need
    • Get precision mixing — every time
    • Increase production rate by reducing rework

    *less than 80°F

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  • Mixing Nozzle

    Our unique, patented design features proven science adapted from 3M medical technologies.

  • Uses the same dependable product you know and love, but with a high-quality mix with less entrapped air — reducing rework so productivity soars.

  • Apply sealant directly from the portable dispenser — or use it as a mixing station.

Manage the ground. Own the sky.

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