The science of branding.

There’s science to branding? More than you may realize. But we’re here to change that. From the basics to learning how the color of a sign can change consumer behavior. See how you can put the science of branding to work for you.

  • Branding Basics
    Branding Basics

    What it is, why it’s important, and how to get the most from it.

  • Visual Theory
    Visual Theory

    Learn about color, scale, and how customers view your brand – literally.

  • Experiential Innovation
    Experiential Innovation

    Explore inventive new ways to get in front of your customers.


Empowering possibility.

Browse our case studies and image galleries that showcase businesses who are successfully making their brand stand out.

  • Case Studies
    Case Studies

    Hear how other business owners use the science of branding to make an impact.

  • Gallery

    Ideas and inspiration. That’s what you’ll find in our business owner gallery.


Bring your brand to life.

We're here to help business owners make a big impact. Explore our tools and resources designed to help you build your brand and grow your business.

  • Brand Owner’s Buying Guide
    Build Your Brand & Grow Your Business with Graphics

    From windows, walls, and floors, to your business vehicles. Embrace these spaces and put your brand and business on display. Download our guide to see how 3M™ Films can help your business make an impression.

  • VAS Technology
    Design for Impact

    Catch your customers’ eye by evaluating and enhancing the design of your website, packaging, signage, and more with our Visual Attention Software (VAS).