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  • Effectiveness
    • EPA-registered to kill C. diff spores in four minutes
    • Effective against Norovirus
    • Safer than bleach and peracetic acid, featuring an NFPA rating of 0,0,0 with no personal protective equipment required at use dilution
    • In-use pH of 5.5 to 6.5, which is closer to neutral than bleach or peracetic acid
  • Efficiency
    • Dissolves in approximately three minutes with a mild chlorine smell
    • Tablets are available in two sizes (quart and gallon size) for use in large and small containers
    • The product can be applied with a cloth, wipe, mop, or coarse trigger sprayer, and will not bind to common wiping media
  • Value
    • Costs significantly less than ready-to-use bleach
    • Yields a three-year shelf life in sealed packets, and seven-day shelf life when diluted and stored in a closed container
    • Pending wireframe specs can tighten up by highlighting only 2 benefits in each category

  • If you experience hurricane or storm-related water damage and mold in your facility, consider 3M™ C. diff Solution Tablets for an easy, reliable and safe solution. For more information and resources, read 3M’s Technical Talk “Disinfection for Fungi (Molds and/or Yeasts): Storm, Flood, and Hurricane Response.

  • Across the U.S., healthcare facility managers are tasked with keeping both patients and visitors safe from HAIs. Read how to address the challenge by developing a comprehensive cleaning strategy and selecting effective products and tools to get the job done.

  • During flu season, facility managers and custodial staff are the first line of defense for germ control. Explore best practices to ensure every space is properly cleaned and disinfected.

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