Find Your 3M Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

  • Change your products, not your process. The 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System helps you get the results you want with the tasks you do every day. Get a first-class shine without all the burnishing and harsh chemicals.

  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary facility is no small undertaking. 3M can help you manage your chemical programme with safe and accurate solutions.

  • The appearance of your floors can affect first impressions and ultimately your building’s image. 3M provides solutions to help improve the look and longevity of your floors while making you and your brand shine.

  • Don’t let dust define your building’s image. From floors to fans, 3M solutions will help you consistently and effectively remove unwanted dirt and debris.

  • Preventing slips, trips, and falls within your facility starts with taking proactive measures. 3M provides the tools you need to understand the risk areas in your facility and provide reliable and proactive solutions.

  • Daily mopping is crucial for a clean and spotless appearance of your floors, but it can be time-consuming and cause cleaning fatigue. 3M provides solutions with innovative features to help you achieve cleaner floors with less effort.

  • Innovative solutions engineered to simplify the most complex maintenance tasks in healthcare facilities.

  • Transform your interiors with 3M™ DI-NOC™ surface finishes and FASARA™ glass finishes. Refresh any surface with minimal downtime using our interior renovating solutions. Improve aesthetics, maximise time savings, and support sustainability initiatives.

Find the Right 3M Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Rely on 3M facility care and cleaning solutions to streamline your daily cleaning procedures. Contact our 3M commercial cleaning specialists to help you meet your cleaning needs.