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3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes

3M Instant Microbe Removing Wipes product over an illustration of the coronavirus in the background.
Remove 99.9% of microbes including SARS-CoV-2* in just one second



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*Based on 3rd party testing with water only. For complete list of efficacy claims, see Technical Data Sheet.


A clean you've never seen.

Disinfectants only kill germs. Instead, trap and remove germs to get surfaces clean and virtually eliminate cross-contamination with the patented technology in 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes traps, holds and removes germs, virtually eliminating cross-contamination and reducing the potential for a breeding ground for microbes.

  • Wipe to remove microbes.
    Remove germs as you wipe.

    Quickly remove 99.9% of microbes from hard, nonporous surfaces — including viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), bacteria and spores.

  • Turn water into a cleaning solution.
    Just add water.

    Unlike wipes that use disinfectants, the cleaning power of 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes comes from the technology inside the wipe, in combination with water — not from added effort or chemicals.

  • Instantly wipe away germs.
    Clean faster.

    The one-step process is great for rapid turnaround of hard, nonporous, high-touch surfaces. Just wipe and go. No mixing, no dwell time or laundering towels.

  • Mircrobe removal wipes whitepaperm

    Increased microbe removal.


    A third-party study conducted during development evaluated the removal of bacteria from a surface. Using a standard wipe moistened with water, an average of 71,000 bacteria remained on the glass slide surface. Using the 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes moistened with water, an average of eight bacteria remained on the surface.



3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes Video

It's not magic — it's science.

The fibers in 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes possess a net-positive charge, while microbes have a net-negative charge. When these charges interact, the microbes become trapped within the wipe, virtually eliminating cross-contamination.


Choose a better wipe.

3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes give you a quick, efficient way to meet stringent cleaning protocols with minimal training — just substitute them for the wipes and cloths you use now.

  • A single wipe for multiple surfaces.
    Use on multiple surfaces.

    A single moistened wipe can be used effectively on multiple surfaces for less water and lower chemical and laundering.

  • Easy-to-use cleaning solution.
    Reduce labor.

    Easy-to-adopt technology — just swap 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes for the wipe you use now. No training needed. If the wipes dry out, just add more water. And no chemicals means there’s no PPE requirement to slow you down.

  • Chemical-free cleaning.
    Don't compromise.

    Use on surfaces where chemicals aren’t safe or practical to use — and no chemicals means it’s safe to clean with them even when employees and guests are present. No chemical smell, irritating residue or surface degradation.

Talk to us for more information.

Add 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes to your cleaning routine and remove microbes for a clean you didn’t know was possible.

Please use responsibly.

Under the laws of India, 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes need to be treated as contaminated waste after use, due to the product’s ability to trap, hold, and remove microbes – including SARS-CoV-2. Thus, 3M encourages end users of this product, to dispose such waste in a safe and responsible manner. For this purpose, please follow the new guidelines published by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF & CC), Government of India.