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3M Mopping Solutions provide a more efficient way to improve the look of your floors.

3M Mopping Solutions: Meet Your Floor Cleaning Needs

  • The appearance of your floors sets the tone for your visitors’ experience, and ongoing maintenance such as daily mopping is a critical step in the process. 3M Mopping Systems provide innovative tools, components, and cleaning solutions designed to work together to improve the look of your floors. From flat mops with adjustable and ergonomic handles to removable, easy-to-fill bottles, and disposable floor mop pads, 3M Mopping Systems help users accomplish more in less time. 

Mop Away the Risk of Infection

  • ensure cleanliness and reduce the risk of infection with 3m industrial mop cleaner

    Approach infection prevention with the right tools. The 3M mopping system provides a chemical dispenser that accurately distributes cleaning chemicals to the floor using a trigger, applying the correct amount of disinfectant necessary for an effective clean, every time. Simply insert the chemical bottle into the system and the cleaning solution is dispensed directly to the floor. To minimise the risk of cross-contamination, the 3M mopping system also features the 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pads that can be discarded rather than reused, requiring less effort while increasing safety and cleaning effectiveness. 


No Dirt. No Spills. No Unsightly Mop and Bucket.

  • eliminate the typical industrial mop and bucket set when you switch to 3m mopping systems

    Say goodbye to bulky string mops, buckets and flimsy tools — and say hello to the superior performance of 3M Mopping Systems. This flexible mopping solution allows you to mix and match the products that work best for you. Whether you’re disinfecting a surgical room floor or applying floor finish in a classroom, the system allows any job to be completed effortlessly.

  • product shot of Scotch-Brite Professional Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator
    Dirty Work, Made Easier

    Floor maintenance is a daily task that can monopolise time and lead to cleaning fatigue. For a more efficient dusting solution, put the Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator Systems to work. The mops feature interchangeable components and form a versatile system that will help your cleaning staff comfortably and efficiently dust, mop, and apply floor finish.

  • the 3m easy trap disposable floor mop pad is ideal for cleaning the office or hospital facility
    No Strings Attached

    The 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pad is the perfect alternative to the typical reusable microfiber mops or string mops, providing one-and-done results. The disposable mop pads remove two times the ground-in dirt and surface stains as a microfiber and dry 60 per cent faster than when using a string mop. Bonus, it can be used on wet or dry floors.

  • entireScotch-Brite Professional 2-in-1 Backpack Finish Applicator Converter Kit
    More Shine in Half the Time

    Simplifying the floor finish process is in the bag as the 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Professional 2-in-1 Backpack Finish Applicator Converter Kit can be used to turn the 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Professional 2-in-1 Flat Mops into a floor finish/protector applicator. Featuring a lightweight backpack that holds up to 1.5 gallons of floor finish, the product dispenses finish with a quick squeeze of the trigger, ensuring that it’s applied smoothly and consistently. This allows your cleaning staff to easily and effectively apply floor finish without switching out and storing an additional tool.

Get One Mop that Can Do It All

To tackle a myriad of floor cleaning tasks, you don't need multiple tools with different features – you need one tool, loaded with the right features. The Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator System is ready to address all your floor cleaning needs.

  • Discover the tremendous advantages of the one mop that can do it all: The 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Professional 2-in-1 Flat Wet Mop System. Convertible between bottle and backpack dispending for cleaning large areas or applying floor finishes. Fill with cleaning chemicals or floor finishes/protectors. Choose what's right for you!

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  • The 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Professional 2-in-1 Mopping & Floor Finish Applicator System comes with a list of replaceable parts, from hook and loop strips to backpacks to handles, to help keep your tool functioning like new, without the cost of a full replacement.

  • mop handle with custom trigger design
    Trigger Design

    A custom trigger design implemented to help reduce hand fatigue with its comfortable and soft grips. Your cleaning staff can use the trigger in four different ways, eliminating having to use the same motion over and over.

  • The 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mopping and Floor Finish Applicator System provides an ergonomic handle option that is designed to help reduce stress and repetitive strains on your cleaning staff’s wrists, shoulders, and waist.

Seeing is Believing

Roll over the image to see how the system’s features are designed to help you clean better and more efficiently.

  • full shot of a 3M mopping system with details on features

4 triggering options lessen hand fatigue
Straight or ergonomic handle for user preference
Rotating grips reduce stress and repetitive strain
Lightweight, 18-inch aluminum trapezoid frame
Telescoping handle adjusts for comfort
Easy-to-fill fluid bottles come in 16 or 32 oz.
Replaceable 3M™ Hook and Loop Strips hold mop pad
Bottle is removable and converts to a backpack
3M Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pad

System Supporters

In additional to mops and mop pads, the 3M Mopping System includes these products to help you get the job done and provide the results you need and desire each and every time.

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