Discover 3M Cleaning, Maintenance and Resurfacing Solutions for Your Facility by Industry

  • A beautifully clean building is a BSC’s calling card. 3M’s innovative product solutions, training and resources can help your staff do their best work. Increased efficiency allows you to balance customer expectations with business needs and provide the added value that sets you apart.
  • Attention-grabbing outdoor signage and interior design solutions. Innovative water filtration and cleaning solutions. From the front to the back of the house, 3M solutions help increase productivity and safety and enhance the guest experience.
  • Create an inviting environment for learning. Use graphic films to show school pride, protect your students with window films and efficiently clean your facility with 3M solutions.
  • Create a facility patients can trust. Whether you’re cleaning patient rooms or working to improve your brand perception, 3M solutions work throughout your health care facility.
  • Get more favorable reviews – and keep guests coming back – by ensuring that your hotel rooms and public areas always look clean and fresh. Learn the professional secrets for maintaining a "white glove" level of clean, in less time.
  • Let your customers know good things are in store. 3M solutions can refresh the look and feel of your store and make routine in-store maintenance more efficient.

3M Training: Cleaning Workplace Solutions

Visit 3M Academy for training, such as cleaning videos and online cleaning courses, for the workers and facility managers who keep your facility clean and safe for visitors.


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May 26

3M™ Digital Oral Care Unveils New True Definition Scanner

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