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3M Easy Trap dusting tool with a cleaning professional’s feet in the background.

We make it easier to clean your retail space.

Keeping your store in like-new condition takes effort, but 3M’s commercial cleaning products and graphic films can help make the process as fast and efficient as possible.

Make your store a shining example.

  • Interior of shopping mall with clean, shiny floors.
    Clean. Cleaner. Cleanest.

    There’s clean, and then there’s sparkling clean. We offer a wide range of powerful cleaners that keep all the surfaces in your store spotless. Whether it be floors, walls, counters or restrooms, you can depend on 3M commercial cleaning products to get the job done.

  • Young child picking up carrots from vegetable display in retail setting.
    It takes the worst and still looks its best.

    There are areas in every store that are harder to maintain than others. Whether it’s a door that’s always getting dinged or a wall that always seems scuffed, our easy-to-clean protective film solutions help keep your store looking great.

  • Illustration of grocery store with graphics identifying aisle numbers.
    Enough with the scuff.

    The condition of your store’s floors reflects on you. 3M floor care systems can help you clean, maintain and restore the beauty of your floors and improve safety with solutions that are efficient, effective and easy to use.

  • Commercial kitchen worker using 3M Quick Clean griddle cleaning squeegee to clean griddle.
    For food service, we’re at your service.

    In food service, cleanliness is a must. 3M has a variety of cleaning solutions for food prep areas, griddles, commercial appliances and more, to help you take your customer experience and reputation to the next level.

  • Illustration of double doors with exit sign above.
    Back away from the paint.

    Instead of regularly repainting doors and other high-maintenance surfaces, use our 3M™ DI-NOC™ film solutions to keep your store looking great for years to come.

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