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3m ultra-clear lcd screen protectors help protect your smartphone screen from scratches and dust

3M™ Ultra-Clear Screen Protectors

Protect your mobile device with durable, ultra-clear screen protectors.

Find an ultra-clear screen protector for your device

3M™ Ultra-Clear Screen Protectors for Smartphones

Find an ultra-clear screen protector for your device
  • 3m ultra-clear lcd screen protectors are custom-cut to work simply and beautifully on most touch- screen phones

    Virtually Invisible Protection for Smartphones

    Help keep your device looking like new with a screen protector that delivers durable scratch resistance, innovative stay-clean edge technology, and such a high degree of optical clarity you’d almost swear there’s nothing there.


    • - Incredible high-resolution clarity
    • - Gives screens a layer of added protection from dust and scratches
    • - Anti-reflective technology that increases display contrast
    • - Innovative stay-clean edge technology
    • - Smooth, touch-responsive surface
    • - Applies easily and removes cleanly


Get 3M™ Ultra-Clear Screen Protectors

  • 3m ultra-clear lcd screen protectors are designed for smartphones

    Durable screen protection for your smartphone.

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  • 3M™ Gold Privacy Filters provide high-performance clarity and keep screens away from prying eyes. A shield of gold protects your information from others, while you get a clear view of your screen.

  • 3M™ Black Privacy Filters are the fast, effective and affordable way to keep your on-screen data confidential. You see your content clearly while curious onlookers beside you only see a black screen.

  • 3M™ Anti-Glare Screen Protectors reduce mirror-like reflections from bright lights to keep what’s on your monitor clear and visible. These high-quality, touch-responsive matte surfaces also reduce glare and hide fingerprints.

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