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3M Car Wrap Films

3M car wrap films are stunning and highly conformable to transform your car.

Wrap your car at 3M Car Care and get a FREE gift.

  • Offer 1:
    Do a Full Wrap

    Get 3M Car Refresh and 3M AC Vent Cleaning (Front) Treatments free.

  • Offer 2:
    Do a Roof or Bonnet Wrap

    Get 3M Car Refresh or 3M AC Vent Cleaning (Front) Treatment free.

  • Offer 3:
    Do a Decal Wrap

    Get a 3M Microfiber Cloth free.

Terms and conditions apply.

What can car wraps do for your car?

Here is why you should choose car wrapping over spray painting to customise your car.

  • Simpler than spray painting

    Car wrapping takes less time than spray painting. Installing a car wrap film on a well-prepared surface can hide most blemishes. Vinyl car wraps are also easier to maintain and protect the car’s paintwork.

  • Unlimited personalisation

    Car wrapping lets you express your individuality. Give your car exterior a makeover by changing its colour fully or partially. Add racing stripes and accents for a customised look.

  • Easy removal

    Unlike a permanent spray paintjob, car wrapping allows you to change your mind. Car wrap films can be safely removed without causing damage.

Why choose 3M car wrap films?

3M car wrap films are made to perfectly follow the contours, curves and edges of your car.

  • Exclusive aesthetics

    3M car wrap films offer unique head-turning looks. With the choice of more than 100 stunning shades in a variety of finishes, your car is sure to stand out from the crowd.

    View the 3M car wrap gallery to get inspired.

  • High conformability

    3M car wrap films have good colour stay when stretched. Their high conformability allows installers to wrap complex curved body panels easily and use less heat. This reduces the risk of the film hazing, blotching or mottling during installation.

  • Easy to install

    3M car wrap films are 60 inches wide to wrap most body panels without seams. Their low-friction surface lets installers slide squeegees over smoothly to result in a flawless finish.

  • Durability

    When used, applied and maintained according to 3M’s instructions, 3M car wrap films can last from 5 to 7 years. They are resistant to lifting and popping due to their high adhesive strength technology and will protect your vehicle’s underlying OEM paint.

3M 1080 Wrap Film Customizer Tool

Choose from over 100 attractive colours

Experiment with gloss, matte, satin, texture and flip finishes to beautify your car your way.


Things to consider when wrapping your car

  • Choosing the right wrapping option

    Car wraps are versatile by nature and allow you to reimagine your car and transform your ride as you want. You can choose from full wrap, partial wrap, or add decals for a unique look.

    The cost of car wrapping varies by the option you choose.


  • Choosing the right installation partner

    A certified professional plays an important role in helping you achieve your desired look for your car. Professional installers follow the critical 3 E’s that go a long way in making your car look flawless.

    • Experience: Rigorous training and hands-on experience to provide quality service that outweighs low prices from inexperienced installers

    • Environment: Clean facilities that are maintained debris-free and in the right temperature

    • Equipment: Right tools for the job

    Choosing a 3M certified installer partner ensures that your car wrap will have the perfect bubble-free finish and last longer.

3M 1080 Wrap Film Customizer Tool

Eager to wrap your car?

Share your car wrap idea. Speak to a 3M expert before customising your car.


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