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    3M Dental Products

    Simplify your procedures and achieve long-lasting results with our innovative dental care products.

    Simplify your dental procedures with 3M's range of clinically-proven dental products. As an established industry leader, we’ve pioneered and refined dental technologies for lasting, effective treatments that increase patient satisfaction and improve lifelong oral health.

    From nanofill, nanohybrid composites to glass ionomer cements, our complete range of trusted solutions means that you can find the right product for any procedure and feel confident about achieving an aesthetically-pleasing outcome that will last for years.

    Explore 3M Dental Products

    • Deliver high-strength bonds on any dental surface with 3M dental adhesives. Learn how you can create long-lasting bonds using your preferred etching technique with the Single Bond Universal Adhesive whilst minimising post-op sensitivity.

    • Perform permanent and temporary restorations confidently with 3M dental cements and fiber posts. RelyX™ Cementation Solutions offer superior strength, outstanding aesthetics, and easy application. Explore our catalog to find the right cement for your needs.

    • Create efficient and aesthetic restorations with 3M’s full range of dental composites. From nanohybrids to bulk fill flowable nanocomposites, they are designed to simplify direct restorations, offer exceptional handling and strength and deliver natural-looking outcomes that last.

    • Give your restorations a deep, uniform cure using 3M dental curing lights. Elipar™ LED Curing Lights deliver reliable dental cures from center to rim and surface to cavity bottom, even for hard-to-reach posterior teeth.

    • Achieve a lifelike lustre on all restorations with the Sof-Lex™ Finishing and Polishing System. Colour-coded for easy reference, this full line of finishing and polishing abrasives lets you to move through the final stages conveniently and efficiently. 

    • Capture every detail using your preferred technique with 3M dental impression materials. Featuring excellent elasticity and toughness in various viscosities, they enable accurate reproductions that are easy to remove.

    • Simplify your digital dental process with the 3M crown and bridge solution. Whether it’s getting an accurate impression or cementing the crown, our tools and products streamline the procedure and provide predictable outcomes.

    • Protect your patients from dental problems and help them achieve lifelong oral health. 3M has a range of preventive care products that clean, treat, protect, and maintain healthy teeth.

    • Create strong and attractive provisional dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers, using 3M's range of reliable temporary dental restoration materials. 

    • Browse dental accessories that are designed to be easy and convenient to use during clinical procedures.

    • The unique composition of our glass ionomer cements and liner/base materials enable it to fit a wide range of patient situations where fluoride release, simplicity and speed are key factors. View them here.

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