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10 Boron

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3M™ Stable Isotopes

  • Ceradyne Inc., a 3M company (formerly Boron Products, LLC), is a leading global commercial processor of isotopically enriched materials used in the nuclear power industry and in semiconductor manufacturing. We offer secure supply, consistent product quality and the ability to custom-engineer products for your unique applications.

    Our proprietary manufacturing processes allow 10 Boron and 11 Boron enrichment from natural occurring ratios up to levels exceeding 99% isotopic purity. We maintain sophisticated analytical and testing capabilities at our manufacturing facility in Quapaw, OK, in order to give you the data and evidence you need that our products meet or exceed your requirements.

    Whatever your application, we will work with you to push the boundaries of performance, purity and consistency.


  • Nuclear Power
    Nuclear Power Industry

    We supply neutron absorbing and reflecting materials and components enriched with 10Boron and 11Boron isotopes. These products are used in both nuclear waste containment and neutron radiation control in nuclear power plants. We also produce complementary chemical isotopes used in the normal operation and control of nuclear power plants.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
    Semiconductor Manufacturing

    We produce ultra-high purity (UHP) grades of natural and enriched boron to meet the specialized needs of the silicon wafer industry. Our portfolio includes the 11Boron isotope, which is used as an additive to semiconductor-grade silicon as a “doping” agent. All our materials are manufactured to ensure the highest levels of consistency and quality.

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