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    Retroreflective Sign Sheeting

    Retroreflective Sign Sheeting

    Brighter signs for safer roads

    3M has provided some of the leading traffic safety solutions around the world. Retroreflective technology is one of them, and was pioneered for development by 3M some 80 years ago. As the technology advanced over the years, international road safety standards for urban, rural and highway roads have also changed to embrace the higher light return efficiency of newer retroreflective materials.

    Sign sheeting by performance level

    View our full range of reflective sign sheeting categorised by classes (as outlined by IRC usage guidelines) and ASTM standards. Please refer to Table 6.2 of IRC67:2012 for more information

    Day & Night Views Percentage Light Returned to Driver IRC Sheeting Class ASTM Type Products
    3m reflective sheeting engineering grade 14% Class A Type I

    Polycarbonate cube corner
    retroreflective technology

    3M™ Engineer Grade Sheeting
    high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting 32% Class B Type III, IV

    Truncated cube
    retroreflective technology

    3M™ High Intensity Sheeting
    3m diamond grade reflective sheeting 58% Class C Type VIII, IX, XI

    Full cube
    retroreflective technology

    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting

    Compare the attributes of each class of Retroreflective Sign Sheeting

    See the benefits and attributes of each class of Reflective Sign Sheeting below and learn how they will make a difference to your projects.


    • luminous intensity for 3m reflective sheeting engineer grade

      Basic luminance

    • luminous intensity for high intensity prismatic grade

      Intermediate luminance

    • luminous intensity for 3m diamond grade sheeting

      Maximum luminance 100% efficient full-cube technology

    Sign position

    • reflective sheeting for non-critical road sign

      Suitable for non-critical signs and devices

    • reflective sheeting for road safety sign in advantaged positions

      Suitable for shoulder mounted signs

    • reflective sheeting for all road signs

      Suitable for all sign positions

    Specification and Standards

    • astm type i reflective sheeting

      Above Basic performance standards
      Exceeds ASTM D4956 Type I, Class A

    • astm type iv reflective sheeting

      Middle grade performance standards
      Meets ASTM D4956 Type III & IV, Class B

    • astm type xi reflective sheeting

      Maximum luminance
      Meets ASTM D4956 Type IX & XI, Class C


    • 3m reflective sheeting engineer grade warranty

      5-year warranty

    • high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting warranty

      7-year warranty

    • 3m diamond grade reflective sheeting warranty

      10-year warranty

    *Check with your 3M representative for complete warranty information

    Sign sheeting by application

    View the full range of sheeting that caters to the visibility requirements of your project, as well as the related components needed for sign production and installation.

    • Explore our range of high-performance sheeting for road and traffic signs.

    • Find the digital sign printing components you need for an efficient production process.

    • Products that help keep work zones safe. Includes fluorescent, roll-up and flexible sheeting.

    • See related components that are important in the optimisation of traffic safety signs.

    See how 3M Retroreflective Sign Sheeting can look in your project

    Case study: Brightening up a Maine highway in US

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