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Helping the world respond to COVID-19

3M is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic from all
angles and across all relevant stakeholders

During this global crisis, the safety of our employees and the public, including healthcare workers and first-responders, must be paramount. We are grateful for the work our people are doing to support the public health response and are taking actions to protect their well-being, including remote work when possible and robust safety protocols in our facilities.

Since January 3M has doubled production of N95 respirators to 1.1 billion per year at its global manufacturing facilities, including in the U.S., Asia and Europe. 3M will double its capacity again to 2 billion per year within the next 12 months.

In this crisis 3M is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for N95 respirators, and demand will outpace supply for the foreseeable future. As we urgently work to expand our own production, we are also working with governments and others to prioritize, triage and redirect supplies to serve the most critical needs and areas. 3M is also partnering with other companies on a range of innovative solutions to protect healthcare workers and first responders.

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    Increasing output of N95 respirators
    • Doubled: Since the outbreak began, we have doubled global production of N95 respirators
    • 24/7: Manufacturing lines are running 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • 2 billion: Taken actions to enable 3M to double N95 respirator capacity once again, to 2 billion globally, within 12 months
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    Getting product to those who need it most
    • Frontlines: Most P1, P2 and N95 respirators in India are now designated primarily for health professionals on the frontline of response and nodal government agencies.
    • Critical needs: In regions and countries around the world, 3M is working with governments, distributors and others to prioritize supplies for the most critical customer and public health needs 
    • Collaborating: Working with governments to break down trade barriers and direct respirators to areas of the world most in need
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    Combatting price-gouging, fraud and counterfeiting
    • Same prices: 3M has not and will not increase prices for respirators in this crisis
    • Pursuing third parties: 3M is working with law enforcement agencies around the world to aggressively pursue third parties that seek to take advantage of this crisis
    • Reporting fraud: If customers have concerns about fraudulent activity, they can report their concerns at 3M’s website
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    Protecting employees and maintaining business continuity
    • Support: We have implemented measures to protect our employees and continue to monitor workplaces around the world to ensure our people have the support they need
    • Sustaining operations: 3M has been able to sustain operations in different circumstances around the world by working differently, partnering with local experts and governments, and collaborating globally
    • Open communication: Committed to serving our customers, we will maintain frequent and open communication in this dynamic environment

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