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Can diamonds make
your smile sparkle?

They certainly can according to Brian Shukla and Mike Harper. They are part of the 3M Oral Care team who devised a dental breakthrough with a remarkable tooth polishing system. First, pre-polishing gets rid of surface scratches. Next, a spiral embedded with diamonds – that’s right, diamonds – is used to restore tooth enamel and bring back the sparkle. Now, that’s a brilliant idea!

Can small things make
a big impression?

The answer lies with 3M scientist, Sumita Mitra whose pioneering work with nanomaterials changed the face of dental fillings and restoratives for both patients and dentists. It was, in fact, the first time that nanotechnology was successfully used in the dental industry. The reason for choosing nanomaterials is that these micro-sized particles can be manipulated to perfectly mimic the natural look of the tooth. They are also lightweight and easy-to-place, which is a fact that will keep everyone smiling.

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