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Chaandi Ki Diwali

Section A: Features of Offer

  1. Offer Name – Chaandi Ki Diwali

  2. Products under this Offer:
    1. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad 3x3 2N Rs 15
    2. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad 3x4 1N Rs 15
    3. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad 4x5.5 1N Rs35
    4. Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad 3x4 5N Rs 75

  3. Offer Period:15th Sept 2019 to 15th November 2019

Section B: Participation procedure

  1. To participate in this Offer, the customer needs to purchase any of the Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad products listed above. Each product under the Offer contains a question “The shape of the Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad is (A) Circular (B) S Shaped (C) Triangular”
  2. Along with the question and three options to answer, the pack will also have an alpha numeric code either printed on inner side of the pack or printed on coupon card found inside the pack.
  3. 3. To register in this Offer, the participant has to message the right answer along with the code to 9212433366 in the below format:
    <Name>space<Code>space<Right Option A ⁄ B ⁄ C >.
  4. 4. For Entries sent in the correct format the, participant receives a confirmation SMS as“SUCCESS! You have successfully enrolled for Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Chaandi Ki Diwali”. If the participate sends the code in the incorrectly/wrong format/ incomplete then participate will get a message as, “Sorry, Please send the SMS in the correct format <Name>space<Code>space<Right Option A ⁄ B ⁄ C >.Receipt of answer shall occur when (i) the mobile/network operator records the answer information upon the participant(s) sending the desired SMS from their registered phone number; (ii) the participant receives an SMS on such number stating“SUCCESS! You have successfully enrolled for Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad Chaandi Ki Diwali”. In the event that such SMS acknowledgments are not received by the participant due to a disruption in functionality and/or network, or a fault in the mechanism, if the answer is not received, 3M will not be held responsible for the same and no liability shall lie against 3M. For sake of clarity, any other automated receipt confirmation shall not constitute proof of actual receipt and shall not be considered as registered for this Offer.
  5. Each alpha numeric code along with right answer can be registered only once for one entry. Using the same code multiple times will render the subsequent Entries invalid.
  6. Only entries made according to above procedure shall be eligible under this Offer (“Entries”).
  7. The Winner of the respective prize shall receive the SMS in the following manner as applicable, “CONGRATULATION!! You have won the Daily/Weekly / Grand Prize”. Only the Winner shall receive this SMS.

Section C: Selection criteria & Prizes

  1. The respective winner under the Offer shall be randomly selected from all correct Entries through a system randomizer.
  2. Prizes under the Offer are as below:
    1. )Daily prize: Mixer/ utility item There shall be a total of 62 daily winners.;
    2. )Weekly prize: Air Fryer/ utility item There shall be a total of 8 weekly winners;
    3. )Grand prize: 5 kg Silver 1 Grand prize winner
    The brands/ models/ variants/features/specifications of the above mentioned prizes are subject to change depending upon the availability.
  3. A participant will not be able to send more than 10 Entries from a single registered mobile number under this Offer.
  4. Once a Participant wins a daily prize the same participant shall not be eligible for weekly prizes
  5. The Daily Winner will be announced the next day before 12 noon. For daily winners of Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be selected on Monday before 12 noon. Only the winner of that day will receive an SMS regarding the same.
  6. The Weekly Winner will be announced on Friday. Only the winner of that week will receive an SMS regarding the same.
  7. 3M reserves all right to announce the winners (including his/her phone number or contact details ) on Scotch-Brite India Facebook page, any other social media platforms of 3M or print media or such other mediums or platforms as may be deemed fit by 3M.
  8. All correct Entries registered during the Offer period including all daily and weekly will be eligible to participate for the Grand prize.

Section D: Terms and Conditions for Daily prize and weekly prize

Promo duration – From Sunday, 15th Sept to Friday, 15th November 2019
Day description     Prize
Day duration Prize announcement Repeat prize announcements Date of prize Start date of receipt of sms End date of receipt of sms Prize announcement date
Daily From 0000 Hrs to 2359 hrs of the day Next Day 1200 Hrs Every day First day : 15th Sept 2019 15th Sept 0000 Hrs 15th Sept; 2359 Hrs 16th Sept ; 1200 Hrs
Last day : 14th Nov 2019 14th Nov 0000 Hrs 14th Nov ; 2359 Hrs 15th Nov ; 1200 Hrs
Weekly From Sunday 0000 Hrs to Saturday 2359 Hrs Next Day/ Monday 1200 Hrs Every 7 days   15th Sept 0000 Hrs 21st Sept ; 2359 Hrs 23rd Sept ; 1200 Hrs
22nd Sept 0000 Hrs 28th Sep ; 2359 Hrs 30th Sept ; 1200 Hrs
29th Sep 0000 Hrs 5th Oct 2359 Hrs 7th Oct; 1200 Hrs
6th Oct 0000 Hrs 12th Oct 2359 Hrs 14th Oct; 1200 Hrs
13th Oct 0000 Hrs 19th Oct 2359 Hrs 21st Oct; 1200 Hrs
20th Oct 0000 Hrs 26th Oct; 2359 Hrs 27th Oct 1200 Hrs
27th Oct 0000 Hrs 2nd Nov 2359 Hrs 3rd Nov 1200 Hrs
3rd Nov 0000 Hrs 9th Nov; 2359 Hrs 10th Nov 1200 Hrs
Grand Prize Till 15th Nov 2359 Hrs 16th Nov 1200 Hrs NA   15th Sept 0000 Hrs Till 15th Nov 2359 Hrs 16th Nov 1200 Hrs
  1. Daily / Weekly and Grand Prize will be selected as per the above schedule
  2. Prizes are run by the randomizer. All correct Entries submitted will be eligible for the prize. Any and all entries submitted after the end time, it shall be eligible for the next period’s prize.
  3. 3M authorized representative will contact the respective winner through telephone to obtain details of the winner/s. On successful contact being made, the prizes to the respective winners will be delivered at their location after verifying the following:
    1. )Proof of delivery - for daily & weekly winners
    2. )ID / Address proof (the winner to provide any valid document issued by a statutory authority) - for grand prize winner
    3. )Latest two months mobile bill to confirm the registration and entry – For Grand Prize winner
  4. In order to be eligible to claim the respective prize, it is mandatory that the phone number through which the participant participates in this Offer is duly registered in his /her name.
  5. It shall be deemed that the person in whose name the phone number is registered (from which the SMS for the purpose of the Offer is sent) shall be construed to have sent the Entry to register for the Offer.
  6. 3M authorized representative shall make attempts over a period of 2 (two) consecutive days to reach the respective Winner on the phone number registered for the Offer. In the event the mobile number is engaged or lines on the route are busy, or it is ringing but there is no answer, 3M shall make maximum 1 (one) more attempt to call the Winner and if the Winner is unavailable on all the attempts, the selection of that winner shall be invalidated and 3M’s decision shall be final and binding. 3M shall not be responsible if any of the Winner is not available on the phone number provided by him/her and as a result of which, the Winner loses his/her chance to the Prize and such decision of 3M shall be final and binding.
  7. The prize shall be delivered to the winner within 30 days after all the verifications.
  8. All product liability, product related issues or consequence of using the prize of whatsoever nature shall solely lie against respective winner.
  9. The brands/ models/ variants/features/specifications of the above mentioned prizes are subject to change depending upon the availability.

Section E: General Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Scotch-Brite scrub pad Chaandi Ki Diwali (“Offer”) coupon/code is applicable only on purchase of Scotch-Brite range of products listed in Section A above
  2. “Offer period” is defined according to Section A. Entries submitted after 29th October 2359 Hrs are not valid.
  3. The Participation shall be valid if registered according Section B. Entries submitted after the Offer period is not valid.
  4. It is clarified that all costs incurred by the Participants to participate in the Offer including but not limited to sending SMS shall be solely borne by the Participants without any recourse to 3M. SMS charges are applicable as per Service Providers charges of the Participants.
  5. Daily prize, weekly prize, and Grand prize products shall be selected by 3M. The Prizes are non- transferred, cannot be upgraded or downgraded or cannot be exchanged with cash or cash equivalents. 3M’s decision will be final and binding on all participants.
  6. All prizes mentioned in Section D are subject to change depending on their availability of the brands, variant or models.
  7. This Offer is subject to the guidelines /directions issued by TRAI and any other statutory authority from time to time.
  8. 3M reserves the right to withdraw / make any changes to the said Offer or add or delete products, its terms and conditions without any prior intimation. No claims or demands shall lie against 3M whatsoever.
  9. The Scotch-Brite range of products listed Section A above is also available without this Offer.
  10. Any disputes or differences arising out of or in relation to the said Offer shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Bangalore.
  11. Any taxes, levies, statutory fees, charges or other liabilities arising from and applicable to the Prizes won by the winners under this Offer shall be the sole responsibility of the winner.
  12. The Offer is valid at selected cities, retailers and is subject to availability of Offer stock at the retail store.
  13. It shall be the sole responsibility of the participants to check the Terms and Conditions for the Offer on the website from time to time.
  14. In case of any issues of interpretation, explanations, disputes or differences pertaining to this Offer, the decision of 3M will be final & binding.
  15. Participant represents and warrants that he/she has granted 3M all necessary rights to use his or her mobile number (used for this Offer) for sending notifications including, but not limited to promotion-related publicity and general advertising and other promotional purposes.
  16. By entering to this Offer all participants shall be deemed to have accepted and be bound by all these terms and conditions.
  17. By participating in the Offer, it shall be construed that the winner has waived his/her right to raise any dispute in connection to the Offer and/or the selection procedure and/or the prizes.