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3M Custom Compounding Services

Polymer compounding services offer customization for unique applications

  • Sometimes standard polymer formulations don’t fit the requirements of your unique application. Through our custom compounding facilities, you have the ability to create unique formulations with specific properties that are not inherent to the base polymer. Enhancements can range from making the base polymer easy to extrude to functional benefits such as weight reduction or improved dimensional stability.

    When you use our custom polymer compounding services, you'll get fast turnaround on a broad range of made-to-order polymer compounds, from prototypes and small batches to production-scale quantities. Contact us to learn how we can help expand your options, speed your product to market – and make your vision a reality.

  • Custom thermoplastic compounds
    Custom Thermoplastic Compounding

    Through our full-service, in-house thermoplastic compounding facilities, you have the ability to create unique, specialized polymer formulations. Using a wide variety of base resins, we can produce custom compounded products ranging from micropellets to antistatic plastics and conductive polymers. We can also produce thermoplastic compounds pre-formulated with any of 3M’s advanced polymer additive technologies, including fire retardant and density reducing additives.

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  • Custom PTFE compounds
    Custom PTFE Compounding

    Whether your application demands extended product life, enhanced wear resistance or lower deformation under load, we can formulate the appropriate compound in a standard, free-flowing, or pre-sintered grade. In addition to custom formulated and standard PTFE compounds, we offer specialized compositions such as 3M™ Dyneon™ TFM™ PTFE based compounds, polymer-filled compounds and speckled materials.

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If you’re looking for custom formulations that provide easier extrusion, lightweighting or other enhancements, contact us about our custom compounding services.

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