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  • Smooth the road toward commercializing your innovation.

    Take advantage of our more than 50 years of global pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services experience. Work hand-in-hand using proven inhalation, transdermal, oral and topical manufacturing expertise from feasibility to market – all while ensuring the highest standards of manufactured product delivery in drug delivery systems.

3M Drug Delivery Systems Technologies

Let's Work Together

3M Drug Delivery System's technical experts are available to assist customers in using and applying 3M products effectively. They can help define the right product for your needs, locate products and respond to application issues.

  • Using Digital Solutions to Curb the Rising Cost of Healthcare

    The demographics of an aging population in conjunction with the increasing velocity of technological advancements are dramatically shifting the face of healthcare around the world. This shift is forcing businesses to rethink their business models and portfolios to better align with these new realities.

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