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    3M has been on the forefront of drug delivery systems for over 50 years. Put your trust in 3M, and we’ll put our contract manufacturing services and development expertise to work for you.
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About 3M Contract Manufacturing Technologies

  • Develop your next successful commercial product engaged in 3M’s collaborative approach to planning and execution. We continually reinvest in new technologies while using Lean Six Sigma processes to streamline operations, eliminate variation and give our customers a competitive edge. With our proven experience, and our commitment to quality and innovation, we stand ready to partner with you.

Contract Manufacturing Technologies

With experience, services and capacity at your back, you’ll always be ready.

3M Technologies for Inhalation Contract Manufacturing

  • Get to market faster with a partner that understands metered dose inhaler (MDI) manufacturing from start to finish, asks better questions, and develops leaner solutions.

    Offering both pressure-fill and cold-fill for MDI manufacturing, 3M leverages the most appropriate processing method for your product. 3M can provide custom micronizing, or particle size reduction, to obtain particles in the respirable range. Our filling capabilities can handle any size project from clinical to commercial supply.

    We offer:

    • MDI cold-fill and pressure-fill capabilities
    • Micronization and powder handling technologies
    • Strategically-located filling sites with supply and distribution to global markets
    • Globally-compliant facilities that are always audit ready
    • Automated aerosol filling and packaging lines including small-order packaging flexibility


Locations providing inhalation contract manufacturing

  • St. Paul, MN

    • Pressure filling capabilities
    • Process technology center (PTC)
    • Pilot to intermediate batch commercial scale facilities
  • Northridge, CA


    • Cold-fill and pressure-fill capabilities
    • Small to large batch, commercial scale facilities


    Download brochure (PDF, 1.73 MB)

  • Hurlingham, AR


    • Cold-fill and pressure-fill capabilities
    • Small to large batch commercial scale facilities


    Download brochure (PDF, 3.18 MB)

  • Loughborough, UK


    • Cold-fill capabilities
    • Pilot to commercial scale facilities


    Download brochure (PDF, 1.73 MB)

3M Technologies for Transdermal Contract Manufacturing

  • Minimize risk associated with site-to-site transfers with facilities that use scalable equipment and processes.
    3M offers a full continuum of services to help ensure robust process design and final product.

    • Multiple formulation capabilities, including matrix and multilaminates
    • Multiple coating and converting technologies, including aqueous and solvent coating
    • Automated packaging lines
    • DEA CII-CV compliant facilities


Locations providing transdermal contract manufacturing

  • St. Paul, MN

    Product development facilities that focus on the early stages of development

    Process technology center (PTC) – pilot facility focused on experimentation and process optimization

  • Northridge, CA

    Commercial site providing efficiency, quality, service and distribution

    Download brochure (PDF, 1.73 MB)

3M Technologies for Oral and Topical Contract Manufacturing

  • Resolve your medical and pharmaceutical formulation challenges, gain assistance with regulatory approvals, and meet worldwide production and supply needs. With more than 50 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience and a major global pharmaceutical customer base, 3M is your ideal cGMP-compliant partner.

    Our large, commercial-scale facility in Loughborough, UK, 3M offers:

    • Commercial-scale manufacturing for creams, gels, liquids, powders, blends, beads, capsules and tablets
    • Automated packaging lines with small fill-weight capability
    • Integrated packaging for all dosage forms, including bottles, sachets, tubes, pumps and blister packaging

    Download Loughborough brochure (PDF, 1.73 MB)

Learn More About 3M Contract Manufacturing Technologies

From development to manufacturing to licensing opportunities, find out how you can partner with 3M to help ensure your success. We offer a cost-free, no-obligation feasibility study for the first stage of assessment. Contact us to get started.

Drug Delivery Systems Capabilities at a Glance

Drug Delivery Systems Capabilities at a Glance
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