Introducing the 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler

  • When you know that up to 94% of inhaler users make mistakes using their devices1, you have to think differently. When up to 60%2 of patients don’t adhere to their medication, you have to ask why. 3M, with its long history of expertise in inhalation, saw the need for a simple, intuitive, connected device that could eliminate mistakes in use, engage patients in self-care, and connect patients with their caregivers, thereby improving outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs.

    1Lavorini et al., 2008. Respir. Med. 102(4):593-604.

    2Restrepo et al., 2008. Int. J. Chron. Obstruct. Pulmon. Dis. 3(3):371-384

Inhaler Technology Solutions

Say hello to the future of respiratory disease management.

  • Hello Future Video

    Hello Future.

    Say hello to the future. The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler. Hello simplicity. Hello consistency. Hello control.

  • Optimized Drug Delivery Video

    Optimized drug delivery. Optimized outcomes.

    The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler is the only one of its kind that visually instructs patients how to use it correctly.

Optimized drug delivery. Optimal outcomes.

  • Simplicity

    Hello simplicity.

    The 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler is the only one of its kind that visually instructs patients how to use it correctly, ensuring optimum drug delivery.

    • Simple, intuitive, breath-actuated inhaler
    • Fully integrated (no tricky add-ons) to ensure patient acceptance
    • Delivers optimum flow rate, regardless of how forcefully patients inhale
    • Removes breath-profile variability and user-operation variability without the need for technique training
    • Developed to yield high levels of competence and adherence to protocols

  • Consistency

    Hello consistency.

    Designed to link to patients’ digital devices, the 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler will be able to provide additional information, including the opportunity for patients to review their usage, set reminders, and get feedback and help. It will even have the ability to transmit adherence data, so healthcare providers and payers can better understand patient progress and direct patient care.

  • Cost Savings

    Hello cost savings.

    The goal of the 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler is to give patients all the tools they need to become confident and compliant in the real-world. Optimized drug delivery, minimal need for training, and the ability to track adherence and provide timely interventions give peace of mind to healthcare providers and payers. This all adds up to the potential for significant reductions in healthcare resource utilization. It’s truly the next generation in respiratory disease management.

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