About 3M Hollow Microneedle Technology

  • 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System offers reproducible intradermal delivery, and provides a patient-friendly design based on human factors testing and voice-of-customer research.

Improve Patient Experience

  • Ensure that your treatments reach their destination. Millions of people require injectable treatments, but an estimated 10% avoid treatment due to needle phobia.

    3M recently completed a human tolerability study with the goal of selecting the appropriate microneedle array for use in clinical studies. This study demonstrated delivery of a 2 mL formation in 2 minutes or less on average. Additionally, the clinical study results provide foundational data in assessing the safety of the device. Clinical supplies are now available for assessment in potential development partners' trials.1

    3M hollow microneedle technology is designed for efficient delivery of liquid formulations into the skin via a 1 cm2 hollow microneedle array. Microneedle delivery has been found to be less intimidating in human factors and primary market research studies.2

    3M™ Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System has been created with patients in mind. This single-use delivery system designed for self-administration provides many patient-friendly features such as a textured grip for dexterity-challenged patients, a protective safety cap for the microneedle array, and an audible click for added assurance of actuation and a status indicator window with a progress bar.

    By potentially reducing anxiety, microneedle delivery may improve patient compliance in some patient groups.

    1 Initiation of clinical studies may require a submission for regulatory review
    2 3M, data on file.

Reproducible Intradermal Delivery

  • Meet your products' unique formulation requirements. 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System offers reproducible delivery of liquid formulations into the dermis. With a hollow microneedle length of 1500 micron combined with flexibility to deliver from 0.5 mL to 2 mL over a range of viscosities, 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System provides an intradermal delivery option for your valuable biologic formulation.

Steps to Clinical Readiness

  • In leading up to the finalized 3M Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System design. 3M has applied a rigorous process including:

    • Conducting a human tolerability study
    • Finalizing the device design
    • Manufacturing critical components from medical grade materials
    • Establishing GMP array manufacturing and device assembly
    • Filing documentation with FDA


Learn About 3M Hollow Microneedle Transdermal System

Learn About 3M Hollow Microneedle Transdermal System

  • Expand Range

    Expand the Range of Deliverable Biologics

    While drug PK profiles need to be evaluated on an individual basis, microneedle delivery via 3M™ Hollow Microstructured Delivery System may offer potential benefits when compared with conventional injections2:

    • Faster absorption
    • Higher bioavailability of drugs
    • Higher peak blood levels
    • Reproducible intradermal delivery
    • Intradermal administration of larger volumes (0.5 mL to 2 mL) over a range of viscosities

    2 3M, data on file.

  • Stay at the Leading Edge

    From microreplication to delivery of biologics, gain a competitive edge with 3M. Take advantage of our expertise in customizing solutions to fit drug formulation needs:

    • Leverage experience and capability to support scale up through commercialization
    • Employ a dedicated product development and manufacturing specialist to develop solution to your complex biologic needs
    • Use a rigorous design process based on human factors studies and market research studies
    • Take advantage of broader 3M capabilities from proprietary 3M microreplication technology to microneedle array molding and production


Learn More About 3M Hollow Needle Technologies

From development to manufacturing to licensing opportunities, find out how you can partner with 3M to help ensure your success. We offer a cost-free, no-obligation feasibility study for the first stage of assessment. Contact us to get started.

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