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  • Experience true differentiation: Challenging formulations and cosmetic appearance can have a significant impact on your choice of components. To help you design the right transdermal system, we offer a wide variety of backings, liners, membranes and tapes, along with customer and technical service support designed for your long term success.

Transdermal Component Products

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  • Liners for Transdermal Components

    The release liner protects the adhesive and drug formulation. It is removed prior to patch application. Important considerations when choosing a liner include: transdermal adhesive and drug formulations, and release force.

  • Backings for Transdermal Components

    The backing is the outermost layer of the patch, which protects the formulation while the patch is being worn. Important considerations include occlusivity, patient comfort, and cosmetic appearance. 3M offers a wide variety of backing materials to help ensure suitability, stability and a successful final product.

  • Membranes for Transdermal Components

    In multi-layer and reservoir patch systems, the membrane controls the rate of diffusion of the drug out of the patch and into the skin. Important properties to consider include the membrane composition and thickness. 3M offers a wide variety of ethylene vinyl acetate membranes for use in TDD systems.

  • Tapes for Transdermal Components

    Tapes are protective patch coverings that provide good skin adhesion over the wear duration and stabilization to your patch system. Our tape components are part of 3M's family of medical tapes, which can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world, where they have been tried, tested and trusted for decades.

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From development to manufacturing to licensing opportunities, find out how you can partner with 3M to help ensure your success. We offer a cost-free, no-obligation feasibility study for the first stage of assessment. Contact us to get started.

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