About 3M Transdermal Manufacturing and Development

  • Employ the power of 3M adhesive technology and polymer science to successfully develop, scale up and commercialize transdermal drug delivery systems. From branded drugs to generics, full scale development or tech transfer, 3M is your trusted partner through each stage of your project.

Provide Patients and Caregivers a Better Option with 3M Transdermal Systems

  • Why transdermal?
    Transdermal drug delivery avoids first-pass metabolism, which can result in greater bioavailability of the drug. Transdermal patches are also more patient-friendly by reducing GI-associated side effects. Transdermal patches provide patients the medications they need in precise and steady doses, and patches can easily be applied by patients or caregivers at home. And if they need to stop treatment at any time, the patch is easily removed -- making it ideal for elderly populations or caregiver-intensive conditions.

Serve Patients; Meet Your Goals

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    Meet your customers’ needs with a patient-friendly transdermal system. 3M is your trusted partner, offering start-to-finish transdermal development and manufacturing services to get your product to market faster or to ensure uninterrupted supply.

    Customize solutions to fit drug formulation needs using a variety of transdermal components
    Excel at integrating adhesive, drug and components into a single, simple drug-in-adhesive system
    Meet critical process parameters of your formulation with experts who clearly understand
    Take advantage of our experience and capability to support fast delivery and scale-up or commercialization
    Use a trusted, large-scale manufacturing partner with global compliance and distribution
    Enjoy customer-focused support from your first call through the commercial product batch

Learn More About 3M Transdermal Technologies

From development to manufacturing to licensing opportunities, find out how you can partner with 3M to help ensure your success. We offer a cost-free, no-obligation feasibility study for the first stage of assessment. Contact us to get started.

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