• Keep on truckin’

    person on loading dock

    • person applying anti-slip tape

      With all of its moving vehicles and machinery, stacks of merchandise, tracked-in water, spilled liquids and noise, a busy loading dock can be an accident waiting to happen. Loading dock floors are subject to a lot of punishment from dirt, chemicals and moisture. And because they are typically made of smooth concrete, any spills or debris can make a slick floor even slicker – putting workers at greater risk of slip and fall injuries.

      3M offers a range of products that can help keep your dock workers safe. These include slip-resistant tapes and treads for stairways, ramps and ladders, cleaning solutions, and more.

      As you know, keeping your loading dock floor clean is the first step toward maintaining an accident-free work environment. Now, with the wide range of economical, easy-to-install floor safety options from 3M, you can go the extra mile to keep your people safe.

      Check out the wide range of 3M floor safety products for loading docks here.