Ready-To-Eat Processing Food Safety Products


3M Food Safety Solutions for Ready-To-Eat

  • It’s important to protect the Ready-To-Eat manufacturers from harmful allergens and bacteria as in some cases, this food will not be cooked or reheated to a safe temperature before serving. This means to be served safe, it needs to be sold safe. You need the right testing methods and products to ensure your procedure has strict internal quality standards.

    3M Food Safety products support all segments of the Ready-To-Eat industry, including sandwiches, salads, and food cooked in advance. With our help, you’re able to quickly and reliably monitor hygiene, test for allergens, pathogens and quality indicators. Our products are designed to help Ready-To-Eat manufacturers improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency with access to expert technical support resources.

3M Food Safety Products for Ready-To-Eat Food Processing