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Featured Medical Courses

  • Current Patient Warming Guidelines: What You Need to Know

    This course will identify the different professional organizations that provide guidelines and recommendations related to maintaining patient normothermia and hypothermia prevention. The current guideline recommendations will also be covered.

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  • Critical Tube Securement and Patient Safety

    This continuing education program will focus on risk assessment and prevention measures that you can take to circumvent these potentially serious patient outcomes.

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  • Surgical Skin Preparation - Creating the Sterile Surface

    Learn more about the purpose of surgical skin preparation, how to identify the properties of effective surgical skin preparation and the principles of draping as they relate to prevention of infection.

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  • Incontinence Associated Dermatitis and Pressure Ulcers (IAD and PU) What we know, what we think we should do now
    1. Describe the purpose of surgical skin preparation
    2. Identify the properties of effective surgical skin preparation
    3. Describe the principles of draping as they relate to prevention of infection

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Featured Oral Care Courses

  • CementationForTheEverydayPractice
    Cementation for the Everyday Practice

    This course covers the differing cement families and their attributes, and surface treatments of each type of ceramic.

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  • BuildingYourAestheticRestorativePractice
    Building Your Aesthetic Restorative Practice

    This course covers the a broad range of topics from anterior crown and bridge cases, ideal tooth preparation and periodontal tissue management techniques, to important cementation guidelines, fabricating esthetic and durable provisional crowns, and case cost analysis and financing.

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  • Motivational-Interviewing-A-NewApproachto-Communicating-Prevention
    Motivational Interviewing: A New Approach to Communicating Prevention Needs to Your Patients

    Upon completion of this Activity, you will be able to:

    • Discuss challenges dental professionals face regarding patient adherence and behavior change
    • Demonstrate effective communication approaches for patient education to increase acceptance of professional recommendations

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  • Excellence in Everyday Direct Composite Restorations 

    This course aims at helping you understand the following topics:

    • How new nano-composite materials help improve posterior and anterior restorative success
    • See how universal adhesives are being incorporated with a two-step technique to improve predictability with posterior and anterior composites
    • Learn the secrets to contouring, finishing, and polishing for natural looking results

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Featured Food Safety Courses

  • IntroductiontoEnvironmentalMonitoring
    EMS-Part01: Introduction to Environmental Monitoring

    Understand the basics of an environmental monitoring plan including zones in the plant, what and where must be sampled.

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  • EnvironmentalMonitoringofKeyMicrobesHazards
    EMS-Part02: Environmental Monitoring of Key Microbes & Hazards

    In this module you will learn the key microbiology organisms of concern and other physical hazards to be wary of when developing an environmental monitoring program.

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  • DevelopinganEffectiveEMSProgram
    EMS-Part03: Developing an Effective EMS Program

    In this module you will learn how to develop and establish an effective environmental monitoring system and testing program.

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  • PetrifilmSalmonelaExpressSystemHowtoUse
    3M™ Petrifilm™ Salmonella Express System - How to Use

    In this module you will learn the basics of how to use the3 M™ Petrifilm™ Salmonella Plate System.

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