Car center information display showing a panel of visible sensors partially being covered up by black film
The magic is in what you see and what you don’t.

Driver Monitoring Solutions

  • Sensor performance meets interior design

    A well-engineered vehicle doesn’t sacrifice form for function. For infrared sensors, our thinking is twofold - hiding the sensors from view while ensuring performance. 3M is pioneering technologies to optimize the whole sensor ecosystem – allowing you to place sensors where you want in the cabin while giving customers the wow-factor they demand.

Providing options for performance and aesthetic enhancement

  • Placing sensors where they’ll be most effective doesn’t always align with where they’ll be most appealing. To prioritize performance without compromising the aesthetics of your vehicle interior, 3M has developed a breadth of solutions: from component bonding and sensor attachment to concealment and camouflaging. Explore how 3M solutions can innovate your interior:

  • Icon of bonding and joining.
    Bonding and Joining

    Building smaller sensors makes integration easier. Having strong, reliable attachments is a necessity. That’s why 3M has a breadth of solutions for permanent bonding that allow for greater flexibility in integration. From low-VOC to flexible printed circuit options, our portfolio of products conform to curved surfaces, bond to dissimilar materials and withstand the rigors of automotive environments.

    Optically Clear Adhesives

    Display Bonding Tapes

    3M™ Thin Double Sided Bonding Tapes

    3M™ Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Bonding Solutions

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    3M™ Sensor Camouflage Films improve signal-to-noise, minimize solar radiation and allow for the transmission of infrared light. With solutions that seamlessly integrate into your automotive design, while hiding sensor componentry and IR light, you’re now free to place sensors where they’ll be most effective.

    Display Enhancement Films

    Reflection Control Films

    3M™ Sensor Camouflage Film

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