Car exterior illustrating bonding and joining application for automotive

Bonding and Joining: Enabling Lightweight Design

Ambitious CO2 emission targets and advances in E-mobility are changing the landscape of the transportation sector. Lightweight designs have become a focus for Automotive Design Engineers striving to meet the new requirements.

  • Weight Savings in Vehicle Design

    Did you know that some of today’s vehicles contain more than 500 linear feet¹ of adhesive? This is nearly 15 times more adhesive than was used in a vehicle in 2001. There is no question when it comes to lightweight vehicle design –new materials need new methods for joining them together. Components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) are up to 40% lighter than steel components, while aluminum is around 20% lighter. Modern and highly filled thermoplastics reduce weight by up to 30%. Adhesives are playing a larger role in ensuring that engineers can put these materials together without the worry of corrosion, different melting points or thermal expansion.


Adhesives as an Intelligent Alternative

  • Robotic application of structural adhesive tape for automotive

    Adhesives open up the potential for additional weight savings in lightweight design and assembly. Structural adhesives stabilize the structure of many lightweight materials and allow the use of components with thinner walls and therefore reduced weight.

    Using adhesives as a bonding technology offers an economic advantage that cannot be underestimated: many adhesives and adhesive tapes can be applied either manually or automatically, making them ideal for both single products and large platforms.

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Tapes and adhesives: creating lasting bonds

  • Liquid structural adhesive application for automotive

    The use of new and ever changing materials in the automotive industry also requires the evolution of the tapes and adhesives that join them together. We have developed solutions for a variety of conditions and substrates including adhesives that bond to low surface energy materials, oily metals and multi-materials systems.

    Structural Adhesives Films and Tapes: Engineered for multi-material bonding and joining, these are an excellent choice for lightweight, high performance designs. Based on epoxy chemistry with robust structural bonding performance, these products can help eliminate or reduce spot welds and rivets while improving strength and stiffness.

    Liquid Structural Adhesives: A wide ranging portfolio that gives you the design freedom to join composites to metal, build with hard-to-bond plastics, and use thinner, lighter weight materials.

    Automotive Attachment Tapes: These tapes can bond to a variety of substrates allowing automotive engineers the design freedom to join dissimilar materials. A potential replacement for clips or rivets, these tapes exhibit exceptional adhesion and stress relaxation properties, resistance to degradation from environmental conditions and plasticizers, outstanding initial adhesion, adhesion build and excellent long-term performance.

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