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EV battery design and production

Range, safety and productivity. This is the world of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery design and production. The power of 3M Science can help you optimize all three to get the most out of your EV battery designs. By implementing known solutions and collaborating with you in the innovation of EV battery technology, we can help you arrive at scalable solutions faster. All while saving you time and creating value. Setting the bar for EV battery range while managing cost is your priority and we have the materials and process expertise, R&D commitment and global capabilities to optimize your design.

Explore our Thermal Management, Range, Safety, Assembly and Consumer Experience EV solutions. Answer a few simple questions below about your design challenge and we'll match you with existing products or an expert to discuss solutions.

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Maximize EV battery range performance

From the global manufacturing process to the molecular details, 3M offers a range of solutions to help you optimize the performance and safety of your EV battery, whether your design is pouch, prismatic, or cylindrical. Beyond our current solutions, our expertise in materials technologies can be your design and production ally. Connect with a 3M expert to discuss any of the solutions you see, and how we can help customize and apply them to your needs.

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Thermal Insulation

Ultra-thin, ultra-light thermal insulation materials keeps temperatures at optimal levels for a range of solutions, from reducing emissions to improving fuel efficiency to extending battery life and more. 

Explore thermal insulation products.
Aearo Technologies LLC (E-A-R™)

Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M company, provides high-performance materials for controlling noise, vibration, and shock in automotive applications. Note: Viewing information on these products requires you to leave the 3M website experience.

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VHB™ Tapes

With a bond that’s built to withstand the rigors of exposure, 3M VHB Tapes resist hot, cold and cycling temperatures, UV light, moisture and solvents. They seal against environmental conditions and damp vibration to reduce metallic wear-and-tear.

Explore adhesive bonding products.
Electrical Insulating Resins

100% solid, electrical grade insulating resins providing a range in hardness, flexibility and dielectric strength.

Explore electrical insulating resins.
High-Performance Label Materials

With unique microchannels throughout the structured adhesive, air flows freely from between the label adhesive and substrate. Labels go on smoothly and stay that way permanently.

Explore durable label products.
Bonding & Joining

Structural bonding tapes, structural adhesives and automotive attachment tapes help solve for a wide range of challenges in bonding and in overall production efficiency.

Explore bonding & joining products.
Thermal Interface Materials

Keep surfaces cool, reduce thermal fatigue and extend battery life with premium heat evacuation products.

Explore thermal pads.
Electrical Insulating & Conductive Tapes

3M™ Insulating & Conductive Tapes are made from a broad range of backings and adhesives to meet demanding requirements within battery applications.

Explore electrical insulating & conductive tapes.
Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives

When you need advanced strength and durability along with the improved aesthetics of smooth, invisible bond lines, look to 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives.

Explore structural adhesive products.

High-strength, crack-resistant sealants provide reliable bonding for glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic, yet remain flexible enough to endure heat, cold, vibration fatigue, and more.

Explore high-strength sealants.
Torch & Flame-Retardant Barriers

3M™ Torch & Flame-Retardant Barriers are made primarily of inorganic materials, providing excellent ignitability resistance. Explore torch & flame-retardant barriers.

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Reliability to meet your production demands

Your product line can’t afford downtime. With over 100 years of materials expertise and manufacturing experience, combined with a global logistics team and mass production capacity, 3M provides reliable access to the materials and components you rely on for the production of current and future EV battery designs. So regardless of region or production location, you can depend on long-term production efficiency.

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