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3M™ Novec™ 4300 Electronic Surfactant 3M™ Novec™ 4200 Electronic Surfactant 3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch, 10 Pack 3M™ Flame Retardant Additive FR-2025 3M™ Easy Clean Coating ECC-7000, 1000 g 3M™ Easy Clean Coating ECC-1000, 100 g
3M stain resistant additives and sealers for surface protection and stain prevention
Lock out stains.

Fluorochemical additives provide long-lasting stain protection for paint coatings on porous surfaces.

3M™ Stain Resistant Additives and Sealers

Life is messy. Spills, drips and leaks happen – but stains don't have to. A high-performance family of additive solutions and penetrating sealers from 3M can make cleanup easier, and can even prevent stains from setting in the first place.

3M™ Stain Resistant Additives and Sealers are specially formulated porous surfaces cleaners for concrete, stone and tile from both water- and oil-based stains. Treated surfaces resist penetration: liquid is forced to bead up, making it easier to wipe up before any stain can set in. Greasy food on the kitchen counter? Wine on the patio? Cleanup in aisle five? No problem. Whether at home or in high-traffic areas, 3M stain resistant additives and sealers help keep surfaces looking their best, longer.

  • Water-based and solvent-based porous surface cleaners
  • Long-lasting protection for marble, stone, concrete, tile, grout, wood and more
  • Can be used as standalone sealers or formulated into coatings materials or construction materials
  • Can be formulated into UV-stable products for outdoor use
  • Surfaces treated with 3M stain resistant additives and sealers can prevent fluids from seeping into porous materials
    How it works

    Fluids rapidly penetrate and discolor untreated concrete or stone. When this is treated with 3M stain resistant additives and porous surface cleaners, the industrial coating resists liquid penetration – making it easier to clean up coffee, ketchup, wine, oil and other spills before they can cause a stain.

  • 3M stain resistant additives do not affect the surface appearance of the substrate on which they are applied.
    Surface appearance

    Some stain barrier treatments form slippery coatings materials that can yellow with age. 3M stain resistant additives and sealers provide long-lasting stain repellency and release without making surfaces slippery underfoot – and without affecting the surface appearance of the substrate.

See 3M Stain Resistant Additives in Action