3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO

  • Tough, flexible bond provides good thermal shock resistance
  • Adheres to difficult-to-bond plastics such as polyolefins
  • 100 percent solids bonds with negligible shrinking or contracting
  • Excellent adhesion ensures reliable, permanent bond
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3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO is a 100% solids thermoplastic, general purpose adhesive. Our self extinguishing adhesive won't burn when the source of combustion is removed. It offers good thermal and electrical properties for printed wiring, circuit board and other electronic applications and is shock resistant for parts that are subject to vibration or other movement.

Uniquely Versatile We formulate 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO to cure to a strong, flexible bond for shock and vibration resistance that ensures a reliable and lasting bond. Our thermoplastic hot melt, 100% solids adhesive provides good peel adhesion and thermal shock properties, the unequal expansion of different components, along with the heat resistance necessary in electronic and other environments. It offers excellent electrical properties which make it ideal for use on printed wiring board and other electronic bonding applications. It bonds well to challenging surfaces such as polyolefins and other plastics. In addition, this versatile and unique formula is non-corrosive to copper and other metals. Recommended Applications Heavy duty electrical cords and connectors Electronics in plastic cases Circuit boards Woodworking Furniture Automotive Transportation Aerospace General industrial Upholstery Point of Purchase (PoP) display Sample boards Military Window Trophies Novelties Audio components Cabinets Construction Electronics Assembly Repairing Potting Panel bonding Wire tacking Bundling Sealing Potting Encapsulating Rigidizing Foam bonding Gluing Versatile Formula 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO is self-extinguishing and has a UL 94 VO rating. In addition to its exceptional electronic applications, our adhesive formula is also useful in many general industrial bonding and sealing applications where a self-extinguishing characteristic is required. Throughout various industries, 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives are used for potting and encapsulating where their flow and conformability allow them to fill into, or dome over, complex shapes. The shock-resistant formula protects components and wiring connections against vibration, minor impact and thermal shock. Using 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives uniformly distributes stress along the entire bond line. Nuts, bolts and other fasteners concentrate stress at a point which can decrease physical properties of the substrates being assembled. Uniform distribution along the bond line provides good fatigue resistance and the flexible properties of 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO minimize stress from vibration or other movement. While many of our 3M adhesives provide a strong bond, they also add an effective seal against dirt, dust, water and other environmental conditions. Using hot melt adhesives is quicker and easier than soldering, requiring no soldering flux or associated fumes. Hot Melt Characteristics Low-melt adhesives/hot-glue sticks have a relatively low melting point of approximately 250 – 270° F/127 – 132° C and are applied with low-temperature applicators, commonly referred to as hot-glue guns. Low-melt adhesives are beneficial in that they can be used to bond heat sensitive materials such as foam and a range of plastics. They provide a nearly instant bond that allows the bonded surfaces to be separated when reheated. The aggressive hot tack nature of low-melt adhesives speeds up production and assembly operations that involve light gage metals, some plastics, and other non-fibrous materials in addition to building display boards, floral displays, and hobby projects. Low-melt adhesives are also widely used in manufacturing, assembly and packaging processes.

  • Tough, flexible bond provides good thermal shock resistance
  • Adheres to difficult-to-bond plastics such as polyolefins
  • 100 percent solids bonds with negligible shrinking or contracting
  • Excellent adhesion ensures reliable, permanent bond
  • Self-extinguishing properties for electrical applications
Adhesive Type
Application Method
Handheld Process, Spray
Consumer Label
Heat Resistance
175 Degree Fahrenheit
Automotive, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Furniture, General Industrial, Military and Government, Packaging, Retail, Signage, Specialty Vehicle, Transportation, Woodworking
Open Time
35 Second
Overall Length (Metric)
0.05 Metre, 0.07 Metre, 0.2 Metre
Overall Width (Metric)
15.9 mm, 25.4 mm
Product Form
Shear Strength at 72 Degrees F (22 Degrees C)
275 psi
Solids Weight Percent (Approximate)
100 Percent