• A close-up of several colored wires with 3M Low Volatage HS Termination

    3M Low Voltage Termination kit

    3M Heat Shrink Low Voltage terminations are suitable for unshielded, armoured or unarmoured low voltage polymeric cables. This product range utilizes polyolefin based heat shrinkable tubings and molded breakouts as key components. All the heat shrinkable components are supplied in an expanded state and would shrink effectively on application of heat. The materials of the tubings and the breakouts are suitable for outdoor conditions and provide good insulation and moisture sealing. All the grounding connections are solder-less.

    Product Features: Indoor & Outdoor Terminations


    • Quick Cable Preparation
    • Suitable for all types of conductors and connection shapes
    • Environmental sealing by specially developed mastics
    • Wide conductor size ranges upto 630 mm2
    • Compact design


    Typical Kit Contents for 3.5C or 4C Indoor & Outdoor Termination Kits


    • Heat Shrinkable 4 Way Breakout
    • Heat Shrinkable Lug Sealing Tubes
    • Conformable and durable Mastics with excellent moisture and environmental seal and covering sharp edges.
    • Worm Clips to ensure good electrical connection.
    • Cleaning Solvent Pouches to clean cable insulation surface.
    • Other accessories include Aluminum Oxide cloth tape, Flexible braid and Instruction Sheet
    • Option of additional heat shrinkable tubes for core protection also available