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3M Advantage

  • 3M Advantage

    3M Residential Water Purifications is a subsidiary of 3M Purification Inc. committed to deliver trusted innovative solutions that are vital to customers’ success. We are spreading across 70 countries with total employee strength of 89,800. We are there almost everywhere and our primary vision is to drive the future of filtration process.

    3M Clean Water Solutions, a division of 3M Purification Inc., is committed to providing our customers with top-notch service and superior product technology. Our Fluid Thinking technology is the trademark of 3M fluid purification process and it is spreading across the following sectors.

Global Portfolio



  • Global Portfolio
    • Fluid processing (Industrial fluid purification)
    • Specialty Membranes
    • Engineered Products for OEM partners
    • Healthcare ( Biological and pharmaceutical)
    • Food & Beverage (Manufacturing and processing)
    • Commercial water Systems
    • Residential Water Systems

Indian Portfolio



  • Indian Portfolio
    • Fluid Processing
    • Life Sciences
    • Food & Beverages
    • Residential Water

Why do you need 3M Purification

    • Hard Water: Normal household water contains a lot of dissolved mineral content such as calcium and magnesium since it moves through soil, sediments and rock
    • White Scale: When there is higher concentration of hardness chemicals in your water, you may notice white scale on the ends of faucets and other mixtures
    • Chlorine Taste and Odour: Mainly caused by compounds containing Chlorine added by Municipal water suppliers to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria
    • Staining: Staining is caused by different kinds of minerals such as copper and iron. It usually happens when ph level is low and water becomes acidic
    • Cloudy Water: It can be caused by the presence of suspended particles in water