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Semiconductor process protection solutions

Protect surfaces from advanced packaging heat and chemical processes for more consistency and better yields with 3M semiconductor process protection solutions.

3M solutions for semiconductor advanced packaging process protection

  • Devices scaling and design requirements for applications such as 5G, autonomous driving, IoT and other emerging technologies, drive the need for advanced IC packaging to build chips that are smaller, thinner and faster, and more functional. Building these advanced chips means more processing steps with increased temperature and varying chemical requirements.

    3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes are specially formulated for different high-temperature and chemical processes, so you can protect — and explore future possibilities for — sensors and advanced substrates. Upcoming products for bump protection aim to bring enhanced benefits for advanced packaging with solder bumps and more.

    Whether you need to test material compatibility or are experiencing a new requirement challenge, our team of dedicated scientists brings a depth of knowledge to every step and are backed by global product development teams and manufacturing sites. Take the first step toward better advanced packaging process protection with the help of 3M.

Optimize product evaluation with tapes tested for protection

  • When it comes to protecting your devices and components, consistent, high-quality materials from 3M are essential. Our process protection tapes undergo rigorous viability testing in adhesion, thermal and chemical resistance to meet the latest requirements in advanced IC packaging and related high-temperature processes.

    A sample of our product viability testing for our process protection solutions include:

    • Adhesion to a variety of materials
    • Residue analysis
    • Adhesion after thermal exposure and solder reflow
    • Antistatic performance in-use and through temperature and chemical exposure

    For specific thermal, time and chemistry requirements, our global material experts and product development network can team up with you to test materials and determine an ideal option for your processes.

  • Key trends in semiconductor advanced packaging

    Embedded die in substrate

    A popular option for reducing form factor is embedded die in substrate. This innovative approach implants the IC within a laminate substrate, which can then be situated next to other components (other dice, MEMs, etc.) using copper-plated vias resulting in an integrated, multi-functional package.

    Process protection solutions from 3M can enable the thermal and chemical processing steps of embedded die in substrate technology.

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3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes

3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes for semiconductor advanced IC packaging process protection

Target applications: quad-flat no-lead (QFN) leadframe, optical or health sensors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), advanced substrate

Our proprietary silicone and acrylic high-temperature tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with a polyimide backing. These versatile tapes make an ideal solution for many different applications.

  • Heat resistive polymide tapes for semiconductor IC packaging process protection.

    Application spotlight: Optical and health sensor protection

    • Sensors need to endure extensive high-temperature and chemical processing steps. 3M tapes bring you:

      • High temperature resistance up to 260 degrees Celsius for a few minutes (or several reflow cycles)
      • Easy removal and no damage to substrate surface
      • No residue and no staining
      • Clean room manufacturing standards
      • Antistatic performance to prevent damage to device

      Development plans for 3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes include the ability to design an adhesion profile based on customer needs through our heat-activated crosslink design, adhesion to difficult surfaces (e.g., low Dk/Df materials and variable coatings on glass) as well as resistance to sustained water and solvent cleaning processes.


Sensor protection process flow

  • Step-by-step graphic of a the sensor protection process flow.

    A. 3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tape B. Cover glass C. Sensor chip D. Housing

  • 1. Taping on sensor packages
    2. Reflow process for one or more cycles
    • Good heat resistance for multiple reflow cycles at 260 degrees Celsius without delamination
    • No siloxane outgas
    3. Dl water/solvents cleaning process
    4. Removal of tape and inspection of residue
    • No adhesive residue after removal
    • Antistatic performance

Technical data sheets for 3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes

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In development – bump protection tape from 3M

Bump protection tape that aims to help you boost process efficiency

Target applications: wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) with bumps, fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), advanced substrate, IGBT, embedded wafer-level ball grid array (eWLB)

  • We’re currently developing an adhesive that aims to offer excellent protection for solder bumps during backgrinding, molding and other thermal and chemical processes.

    The tape combines material properties from current backgrinding and high-temperature tapes, eliminating the need for two protection tapes for backgrinding, sputtering, etc. This advancement means less steps in the process flow and increased efficiency for your organization.

    The following product viability testing for 3M bump protection tape can be requested:

    • Bump absorption
    • Backgrinding performance


Process flow for BGBM with bumped wafer

  • Step-by-step graphic of the process flow for BGBM with bumped wafer.

    A. Solder bump B. Passivation C. Bump protection tape

  • This product is still under development. Technical benefits within the process flow are for reference only.

    1. Lamination of bump protection tape

    • Good bump absorption

    2. Backgrinding

    • Good total thickness variation (TTV) after backgrinding process

    3. Backside processing (sputtering, redistribution layer [RDL], PI coating, etc.)

    • Good heat resistance and good chemical resistance

    4. Tape removal

    • Easy removal with clean bump surface

Connect with a 3M expert about 3M™ Heat Resistive Polyimide Tapes and future bump protection tapes

Better protection is possible. We’ve got teams in key locations all over the globe dedicated to pushing the potential of our tapes.