Not the Science Type

Female scientists challenge stereotypes and blaze paths for future generations in this 3M-produced docuseries

  • STEM education has an access issue: let’s change that.

    Around the world, people believe the we need more people in STEM careers. Ninety percent of people believe we need to do more to encourage and retain girls in STEM education. At the same time, barriers remain - 83% of people believe underrepresented minorities often lack equal access STEM education.  

    Not The Science Type gets to the heart of access and gender inequity in STEM education and STEM fields. This four-part docuseries features four female scientists who are challenging stereotypes and confronting gender, racial and age discrimination as they rise to prominence.

  • Not The Science Type highlights four brilliant minds, showcasing women who break down boundaries within their fields – biology, engineering and science and technology-based applications.

    While each woman has taken a different path to pursue scientific excellence, they are bound by the common experience of feeling excluded, or “not the type” in traditionally homogenous fields.

  • Not The Science Type

    It's time to leave STEM stereotypes in the past. The film breaks down outmoded notions about what a scientist looks like or does in order to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.