Applying science to improve lives

3M has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and it is a core value of our company. Our consistent industry leadership is evident in the establishment of our ground-breaking Pollution Prevention Pays program in 1975, which continues to thrive, as well as more recent initiatives, including our shift to renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing circular solutions and growing our skills-based volunteering programs. Together with our employees, customers, partners, governments and communities, 3M is committed to a science-based, collaborative approach to solving shared global challenges and improving lives. 

Our Strategy

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In this pivotal time for our planet, our strategic Sustainability framework directs our efforts to areas biggest impact. Learn more about our commitment.

  • 3M Sustainability: Science for Circular
    Science for Circular

    Design solutions that do more with less material, advancing a global circular economy.

  • 3M Sustainability - Science for Climate: men working in a solar farm
    Science for Climate

    Innovate to decarbonize industry, accelerate global climate solutions and improve our environmental footprint.


  • 3M Sustainability: Science for Community
    Science for Community

    Create a more positive world through science, and inspire people to join us.


Sustainability at 3M
  • Starting in 2002, we published our first fully integrated GRI report following the G2 guidelines. Aimed at 3M employees, job seekers, suppliers, customers, and Sustainability media, our Annual Sustainability Report provides an externally verified picture of where the company stands in its mission to improve lives.

  • We’ve made substantial progress against our ambitious 2025 goals that include energy, water, and climate targets. Our goals are tracked regularly and progress updated annually in our Sustainability Report.

  • Check out the latest stories about how 3M’s people, products, and technology are changing the world. Learn more about 3M’s sustainable innovation.