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Image of a car passing through a car wash during the assembly process

Rev up your process with precision filtration

3M products for automotive assembly


Filtration in Automotive Assembly

Having the right filtration for automotive assembly operations is more important than ever. Competition, efficiency, productivity and water conservation are just some of the reasons it’s important to pay attention to this vital aspect of your operation.

From surface treatment to washing and rinsing and e-coating to spray booths, 3M filtration has the solutions you need to help maximise your water and application processes.

  • Infographic illustrating the 8-step process map for automotive assembly filtration
    Hover over the red hotspots to find out more
    Hover over the red hotspots to find out more
Source water

OEM paint systems consume the greatest amount of water in the manufacturing environment. Water sources have different filtration needs.

Multi-Cleaner Stage

Typically the stage with the highest amount of contaminant; dirt, oils/greases, waxes, paint chips, Kevlar, are examples. PP filtration ideal for alkaline chemistries at moderately elevated temperatures.


Zinc phosphate generates sludge that requires systems to handle heavier loading. Thin film treatments avoid sludge buildup and use traditional filtration.


Water rinses capture residual solids from previous stages. Problem areas can be organic growth that require routine cleaning and/or disinfecting.

eCoat Bath

Tighter filtration removes contaminants without removing paint solids. eCoat filtration designed to remove contaminants without stripping paint solids.

UF/Permeate Rinse

Cascading permeate rinses returns paint solids to eCoat bath in the closed system. Ultrafiltration used to separate generate permeate and traditional filtration removes larger contaminants.

Paint Booth

Cured bodies-in-white enter paint kitchen for application of primer, base coat and top coat. Classifying cartridge filtration filters ideal for capturing contaminants while retaining desired paint additives.

Car Wash

Vehicle undergo a final car wash prior to delivery

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Applications for Automotive Assembly

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M Purification has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their processes.

Incoming Water

The water you use in your automotive assembly must be filtered to reduce particles that can affect the quality of finished vehicles. The type and level of filtration needed depends on the source of your water.

3M’s filtration products helps provide the particle reduction needed to provide the high-quality water needed for automotive assembly applications.

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The water used in preparing surfaces, cleaning and treating the body in white needs to be filtered to help ensure quality outcomes.

3M has the filtration solutions you need for every step of the process.

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Your e-coat process needs high-performance filtration to reduce contaminants that can impact the effectiveness of chemical solutions and the quality of paint and coatings.

3M has filtration solutions designed to help you filter your e-coat water to help ensure quality products and customer satisfaction.

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Wash Water

The wash process may be at the end of the line, but the quality of the water you use for this important step provides the first impression of your finished product.

Help make sure your finished vehicles look as good as possible with filtration solutions from 3M.

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Keeping your coolants filtered is crucial to your manufacturing process. Particles and debris need to continually be removed to help ensure high-quality finished vehicles.

3M has innovative solutions designed for coolant filtration applications.

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The automotive assembly process creates contaminated water that needs to be filtered before it can be properly discharged into the environment.

3M has wastewater filtration solutions designed to help you protect the environment and meet increasingly stringent discharge requirements.

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Find more information for reliable and cost-effective filtration solutions for your industrial water manufacturing operation.

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