3M™ Scale Prevention System

3M™ Scale Prevention System. Quality water throughout the house.

An effective combination of sediment filtration and treatment of hard water to prevent scaling on your taps, fixtures and fittings. Installed for the whole house or only bathrooms, the product is an economical solution to your hard water problems.


About 3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System

  • Unique combination of Hardness Treatment and Sediment Filtration for the whole house.

    With no requirement of Salt refilling and water wastage, 3M™ Scale Prevention System ensures that you get quality water throughout the house.

    The system prevents irremovable Scale deposits on your taps, faucets and fixtures in your bathrooms and pipes, keeping your house looking neat. The system also protects the internal parts of your water-using appliances from scaling and corrosion due to hard water, thus maintaining efficiency of your geysers, washing machines and dishwashers.

  • 3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System filtration process

Features and Benefits

Installed at the entry of water into the house, 3M™ Scale Prevention System treats your water for hardness and filters all impurities larger than 5 micron right at the source, giving you clean, clear and quality water throughout the house.

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    Freedom From Scaling and Ugly Stains

    Prevents scaling and hard water stains on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures ensuring they never lose their shine.

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    Extends Life of Water Using Appliances

    Protects your water using appliances like geyser, washing machine, dishwasher from scaling and corrosion, thus extending their lifespan.

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    Protects Your Hair and Skin

    Eliminates the harmful effects of hard water, and protects your hair from frizziness and skin from dryness.


3M™ Scale Prevention System uses unique sequestering technology to treat your water for hardness without using electricity and without wasting a single drop of water.

Sequestering technology
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    In-Built-Shut-off Valve

    Equipped with in-built-shut-off valve for fast and easy cartridge changes.

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    Transparent Housing

    Provides easy viewing of cartridge for easy maintenance.

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    Food Grade Media for Sequestering

    Uses tasteless, odourless, colourless and FDA approved food grade media for sequestering. Manufactured from FDA-CFR 21 compliant materials.

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    Depth Filtration

    Thicker grooved filtration medium leads to longer life and better performance. It removes all impurities bigger than 5 microns with minimal pressure drop and prevents faster choking.

Cartridge Models

3M™ Scale Prevention System is available in 2 sizes - IAS141T and IAS102T, for different water flow rates and daily consumption.

  • IAS141T small cartridge
    IAS141T (Small)

    Supports up to a maximum flow rate of 37 Ipm

  • IAS102T large cartridge
    IAS102T (Large)

    Supports up to a maximum flow rate of 60 Ipm

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