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hotel room interior design ideas and photos

Refresh Your Hotel and Resort Interiors

Transform hotel interiors into spaces that feel like home.



Give life to your hotel rooms' interior design and exceed the expectations of your hotel guests with our architectural finishes. DI-NOC™ vinyl surface finishes include a wide range of innovative patterns and colours that provide many opportunities to refresh spaces without using noisy tools that hinder operations. FASARA™ glass surface finishes can be used in glass doors and partitions to create spa-like bathrooms and make them the focal points in your guestrooms.


Hotels or boutique resorts also aim at making a striking first impression, and what better space than the hotel entrance or lobby to make this happen? The versatile 3M™ DI-NOC™and FASARA™ finishes can turn these spaces into areas of multi-use through space segmentation, creating unique spaces that are intimate or social within a single zone.

Besides their aesthetic value, these surface finishes are durable and have strong adhesion, allowing your interior to be furnished to the highest possible standard. Existing furnishings can be kept and renewed rather than replaced, so you can redesign your hotel space in minimal time and cost, without compromising on quality and style. The following hotels have spruced up several sections of their spaces with one of our many products.


Explore the Wonderful Worlds of DI-NOC™ and FASARA™

Discovered a pattern that suits your space? Find a trained distributor near you to help you out. Still need time to decide which finishes to use? Ask for up to 5 free A4-sized samples to determine your preferred texture and colour. Only 1 particular shade is provided for each sample. 

Hilton Interiors Refurbishment

As part of revitalising the hotel’s interiors, a high-quality surface finish was applied onto the guestroom doors as well as the closet shelves. DI-NOC™ FW-334 is a Fine Wood vinyl with a matte finish that closely resembles authentic wood. The dark walnut of the doors adds a luxurious and classic feel, a cornerstone of Hilton Hotel’s brand identity. In conjunction with the 3M Comply™ Adhesive Technology, it makes for an easy application that brings out the best of any room or space.

  • A hotel guestroom interiors refurbished with 3M™ DI-NOC™ FW-334 interior wallpaper on the doors and closet shelves
  • 3M™ DI-NOC™ finishes used in the hotel interior for wallpaper and door of a guestroom

    Hilton Guestroom Door Refurbishment

    "Hilton Minneapolis upgraded their doors with the help of one of our trained installers within the vicinity. The new and refreshed look provided a luxury feel, welcoming guests into the ambient space. The overall finishing blended in with the surrounding interior design. In four easy steps – preparation, cutting, application and finishing – 3M™ DI-NOC™ upscaled the aesthetics in the guestrooms.
    - 3M™ DI-NOC™ finishes are made to appear like natural surfaces to match the interior.
    - Measured and cut to fit the door with minimal waste.
    - Easy application eliminates bubbles and provides a high-end look that improves the customer experience.
    The result: A successful makeover! Meticulously installed to ensure a smooth and polished finish. The adhesive bonds to almost any surface, ensuring durability. This allowed the successful transformation to take place, bringing life back to the Hilton guestrooms."

Before and After - Hilton Minneapolis

  • Before DI-NOC™ film application on door
  • After DI-NOC™ film application on door
  • The installation process is meticulous - the door handles and locks are first removed. With DI-NOC™ cut to fit the lock sets, the end-product is a clean look. Renovation has never been easier. Enjoy the creative freedom to spruce up a new look for your hotel or establishment with the warmth of wood grain, the sleek appearance of metal, the cool of natural stone and hundreds of other choices. The possibilities are endless.

    Explore the product used to refresh Hilton Minneapolis that marks the hotel's brand identity. And learn more on our surface finishes and why they are the preferred choice for designers worldwide. 

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    Surface Finishes

Go beyond design limitations.

Westin San Diego Entrance Refresh

The Westin San Diego entrance makes a striking impression to all guests and visitors but at times the sunlight was more of an intruder into a space that was meant to be warm and inviting. The solution came in the form of FASARA™ Glace finish that allowed the natural sunlight to continue flowing in but limited in its intensity. FASARA™ decorative finish was used to control light and privacy while enhancing interior's aesthetics, recreating the impression of texturised glass at a fraction of the price.

  • FASARA™ Glace textured finish applied in a hotel lobby entrances
  • FASARA™ Glace textured finish applied in a hotel lobby entrances to control light and privacy

Westin San Diego Entrance

The proud Westin brand also needed to be highlighted at the entrance and FASARA™ provided a solution that could be updated vs. a permanent etching into the glass.

Glass Finishes

3M™ DI-NOC™ and 3M™ FASARA™ finishes for retail and commercial spaces

Inspiring Retail and Commercial Spaces Design

Explore how our finishes have styled up multiple retail and commercial projects