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Are you ready to learn about the latest interior trends, and find innovative design solutions for your space?

Follow 3M experts as they delve into the exhibition specially curated for Milan Design Week 2022.

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international design exhibitions featuring 3m architectural Films

Reimagine Spaces with 3M at Milan Design Week 2022.

Be inspired by unique demonstrations of 3M™ Architectural Films at one of the largest international interior design exhibitions.


Milan Design Week 2022 rolled out in one of the design and fashion capitals of the world, with various collaborations occurring all throughout the historic city. With over 2000 companies demonstrating their new designs, ideas, and products, Milan turned into a bustling design mecca.

In collaboration with Mosca Partners, an established Italian design firm, 3M reconceptualized Circolo Filologico –  a palace located in the heart of Milan. Imbued with a rich history, the heritage building was the perfect setting to reimagine design by enmeshing traditional and modern styles.

3m architectural solutions

Walk through 3M's architectural films showcase.

Hear directly from our design experts and partnered artists, as they map out the design exhibitions.

3M pushed guests to explore the palace with new perspectives. Walking through different exhibition spaces in the palace, the visitors were empowered to reimagine design by ‘unlocking the power of people, ideas and science’. The series of interior design exhibitions was heavily influenced by thinking ahead of the future, and realizing the boundless possibilities using science. The exhibition zones included:

  • 3m interior exhibition at salone
    The Façade

    An installation at the entrance of the building.

  • 3m commercial interior design showcase
    The Bar Renewal

    A modern transformation of the palace’s bar.

  • 3m architectural design patterns
    The 3M Wall

    A curated space featuring VR/AR experiences.

Explore the 3M Showcase at Milan Design Week.

Get exclusive access to our free on-demand webinar, and follow 3M experts as they share the latest trends that they incorporated into our showcase. It’ll be as if you were right there in Salone, with powerhouse design specialists. Fill up the form and enjoy our webinar recording, which you can watch at your own convenience.

“With 3M, I was able to keep the colours as vibrant as they are in my usual work, and also try something new with the use of the mirror, creating a dialogue between the installation and the people.”

Olimpia Zagnoli
Artist & illustrator at Salone

Interior Exhibition Highlights

The 3M adventure began right as visitors arrived at the landmark building. Created by Olimpia Zagnoli, a talented illustrator, the installation at the façade featured an innovative combination of both FASARA™ and Scotchcal™ films. The thought-provoking wall panel reached 6 meters in height.

Another key highlight of 3M’s showcase at Salone was the renewal of the palace’s bar, in collaboration with Studio Irvine. While the 2022 exhibition may be long over, the upgrade of the bar remains, as a gift from 3M to the city.

Lastly, 3M curated a zone for guests to appreciate firsthand the beautiful practicality that our films offer. With a dedicated feature wall, the diverse selection highlighted the unique colours, textures and patterns available. The zone also incorporated cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to help visitors better envision their masterpieces using our architectural solutions.

  • 3m architectural design solutions
    Need help designing spaces?

    View our product catalogs to find a variety of solutions for your projects. To better envision your next masterpiece, you can request a sample or speak with our design experts.

  • wall design ideas
    Discover trending interior design tips

    Enjoy our free webinar recording. Hear directly from 3M™ experts as they highlight the latest C.M.F (Colors, Materials and Finishes) trends and a selection of interior inspirations for your projects.

Image Gallery

3M proudly featured a series of films, including FASARA™ Glass Finishes and DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes, in Milan Design Week 2022. The exhibition highlighted our extensive collection of versatile and sustainable films. Skip conventional renovations and simply use our wall panels to add a design element with effortless application, hassle-free maintenance, and unparalleled durability.

Explore our new finishes

Created in collaboration with leading designers across the globe, 3M™ Architectural Finishes offer trend-setting patterns that give you more ways to create stunning visual effects on a variety of surfaces.
  • fasara glass frosting
    3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes

    Immerse yourself in the world of 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes and see how they can add a new textured glass dimension to your space.

  • dinoc film
    3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes

    3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes offer trend-setting architectural design patterns that give you more ways to create stunning visual effects on a variety of surfaces.

Innovative and Unique Designs for Your Next Masterpiece

Want to transform your space with our architectural films?
Contact a 3M expert to explore design possibilities and discover how to use sustainable products for your design.