Resources for communications infrastructure

Resources for Communications Infrastructure Applications

Drive the evolution of your 5G network with the world-class lab resources of 3M.


3M Resources for 5G Applications

Whatever your 5G telecommunications needs, 3M can help you get it done. Our global resources monitor the latest 5G trends and materials needs. Our global lab capabilities target the high frequencies necessary for 5G mmWave . This allows for testing of dielectrics up to 90 GHz.

Industry Involvement

Wherever there’s 5G, there’s 3M. We collaborate with top scientists and engineers from around the world on high-frequency test methodologies. See some of our latest activities below.

  • 3M at EuCAP 2021: A Comparison of Measurements of the Permittivity and Loss Angle of Polymers in the Frequency Range 10 GHz to 90 GHz

    In March, the National Physical Laboratory presented a 3M–NPL coauthored paper at the 15th annual European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP).

    3M scientists, working closely with the National Physical Laboratory in England, have developed the best electromagnetic material characterization in the 5G industry. Ranging from 10–90 GHz , this enables advanced mmWave testing and modeling never before achieved in the industry.

3M technicians are always innovating. We are pioneering some of the best electromagnetic material characterization in the 5G industry. Our deep knowledge of materials sciences, automotive and electronics puts us on the cutting edge of testing and production of ultra-low-loss materials. Polymer performance additives and fluoropolymers are just the start.