Eye Hazards and Eye Protection Applications

Depending on where you work and what you do, your eyes could be at risk of harm by numerous hazards. Recognizing these risks will help you determine the appropriate eye protection. View the product catalog.

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  • Impact - Flying Particles or Objects

    Don’t be fooled by the word particles—they may be small, but flying particles have enough mass and velocity to potentially pierce or cut your unprotected retinas. Moving machinery and striking fixed objects are also common workplace eye hazards.

  • Foreign Materials

    Even if you don’t work directly with hazardous materials, they may linger in the air of your workplace. Dust particles, flux materials used in certain tasks, and metal fumes and smoke from arc welding suspended in the air can cause eye injuries.

  • Contact with Chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals can potentially cause eye injuries at many workplaces—even if you don’t work directly with them. Incidental contact due to splash events creates the risk of exposure to water, paint and other chemicals.

  • Optical Radiation

    Sources of optical radiation hazards (ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR)) include welding, brazing, cutting, furnaces, heat treating, high intensity artificial and natural light sources and ultraviolet (UV) lamps.

We've been working in your industry for decades

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    From skyscrapers to kitchen remodels, we’ve built our eye protection portfolio by getting to know the eye hazards construction workers face in every aspect of the building process.

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    Heavy Manufacturing

    We’re no strangers to shipyards and oil rigs and everything between. We’ve done the heavy lifting and know the unique eye protection hazards your workers face.

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    When it comes to the unique eye injuries pharmaceutical workers face, we’re just what the doctor ordered to help protect the eyes of your research, development and manufacturing employees.

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    Food & Beverage

    Eye protection is a key ingredient to the safety of food and beverage workers. That’s why we’ve walked the line, talked to your employees and learned your process—to deliver solutions that hit the spot.

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