• Watch your step

    people on stairs

    • shoe on anti-slip tape

      Are your stairways, ramps and ladders an accident waiting to happen?

      It could be a damp spot from someone’s shoe. A spilled piece of food. Or just a mis-placed step. Even the most careful, able-bodied person can take a dangerous tumble when they lose traction on a slippery, hard surface.

      3M™ Safety-Walk™ Tapes and Treads are a simple, economical way to provide added traction wherever slips and falls are a concern. They’re easy to apply, long-lasting, and work great in dry, wet or oily conditions.

      You trust 3M to help keep your facility clean and spotless. Now, discover how we can help you keep it safe. Once you try it, you’ll see how ensuring safer stairs is one of the easiest steps you can take.

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