Floor Safety Solutions

The floors of your facility welcome visitors. Help keep them safe and direct their path. Explore how 3M’s floor safety solutions can improve the experience of your customers, employees and students.

fast moving feet on a commercial building staircase with anti-slip yellow tape

Anti-Slip Tapes & Treads

Step right up.

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Providing secure walking surfaces to prevent slips and falls is crucial to the safe operation of buildings, vehicles, heavy machinery and sports and leisure equipment. This is especially true for wet areas around showers, bath tubs, locker rooms, pools and hot tubs where people often go barefoot. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Tapes and Treads help provide protection for all of these areas and more, to put your entire facility on a firm footing.

industrial safety floor mats in front of office building front entrance

Floor Mats

Leave dirt at the door.

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It may be wet and muddy outside (or, Life can be messy) – but now there's an easy way keep entryways and lobbies looking clean and inviting. Without constant mopping and vacuuming. 3M™ Matting traps dirt, debris and moisture by the door, to help floors throughout your facility stay safer, cleaner-looking, easier to maintain and less likely to be damaged by tracked-in dirt.

Image of a forklift moving through a taped lane in a warehouse
Floor & Safety Marking Tapes

Make your marks fast.

Clearly identifying lanes, holding spaces and hazard areas helps keep your facility running safely and smoothly. Fast, flexible and efficient floor marking tapes come in several colors and are durable yet removable when you need to make a change.

man holding a spill pad underneath a machine to stop a mechanical spill from ruining the floor.
Sorbents & Spill Management

Into the Void.

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From a clean up in aisle seven to a hazardous spill in the lab, 3M has a solution. As pioneers in the development of synthetic sorbents our microbundle technology employs millions of tiny voids to absorb liquid – effectively doubling the capacity of the material. Our sorbents come in many shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your application. Choose from petroleum (oil-only), maintenance (for non-aggressive liquids), and chemical (for most aggressive liquids) formats.