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Use tape to maximize workplace efficiency

Repainting lines can lead to significant downtime. 3M offers a more streamlined solution.

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    Speed of Application

    Painting in factory spaces usually requires shutting down, masking, painting and waiting for the paint to cure. Instead of wasting hours on costly downtime, you can quickly lay down lines of tape and quickly reopen vital areas for production.

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    Speed of Change

    Have you ever laid down fresh paint, only to find that within a few weeks or months you need to remove it? This process can require tedious grinding or extensive overpainting. 3M tapes are designed for clean, one-piece removal, allowing you to move on quickly to your new layout.

  • Person applying curved tape lines to floor

    Curved tape lines

    Painting a curved line means masking the inside and outside radius, painting, drying and cleanup. By contrast, putting down a curved line with 3M 471 tape is easy. The tape conforms to a curve without edge lifting or wrinkling, making it the clear choice for curved areas.

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