Printed and Pigmented Wrap Films

With numerous colors and extensive design possibilities, pigmented and printable films can be customized to bring your brand identity to life. Vehicle wraps allow your vans, sedans and trucks to be used as vehicle advertising graphic canvases for creative storytelling that promote engaging consumer experiences.

Pigmented and printable graphic films share some similarities as well as some distinct differences that should be noted. Due to the rise of digital printing, nowadays, the term “printable films” often refers to white or clear digitally printable films. While some pigmented films can be printed using legacy screen-printing methods, pigmented films are most commonly electro-cut using a plotter or cutter to create a design or lettering.

When would you choose one or the other?

  • tea company fleet vehicle wrapped in a printable graphic film, custom designed to best portray their brand
  • blue graphic film with a 3M logo wrapped on the body of a commercial fleet truck driving down a city road
    • Let’s say you want a simple, clean, cost effective design for your company’s vehicle wraps. Pigmented films cut into letters and shapes that identify your business name, contact information, or logo would be good choice.
    • If you’d like a bold design using imagery for partial or full vehicle graphics design coverage, “printable films” would be the best solution.
    • Finally, let’s say you want your fleet graphics to have a consistent color across many vehicles, but also want to add a colorful logo. In that case, a screen-printed pigmented film would be a good option.

    There are many other factors that go into film selection for a project, which is why it’s important to partner with an experienced graphic films provider and film manufacturer to ensure you get the best, most cost-effective solution.

    From long-term films that last for several years to easily removable films for seasonal campaigns and promotions, 3M’s broad portfolio of films offers a range of options to meet your needs. Regardless of your branding or campaign goals, printable and pigmented films are a powerful way cut through the noise and get your brand noticed.

    For more information on 3M films and film selection, visit the Fleet Graphics Guide (PDF, 14.28 MB)

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