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Turn your ride into a vehicle advertising platform with 3M Graphic Films


About Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Transportation Applications for Graphics and Signage

  • Whether your customers have two wheels or twenty, vehicle graphics help maximize every first look and double-take. Vehicle branding films can turn transportation and commercial vehicles into rolling billboards that promote brands wherever they roam. Go the extra mile with protective film to offer image protection out on the open road.

Commercial Vehicle Graphics and Transportation Types

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  • Delivery van covered fully covered in 3M graphic wrap with images of food on the side and back
    Car & Van

    Take vehicle wrapping to the next level. Every journey is an opportunity for your customers to not only express their personalities on a personal vehicle, but also boost their brands with commercial wraps for business vehicles.

  • Semi wrapped in a 3M truck and trailer graphic wrap that has a man with a mustache between two American flags.
    Truck & Trailer

    Vehicle advertising can provide customers with opportunities to express their brands in ways they never knew they had.

    Whether you are styling in a truck or make money rolling down the road to your customer, our print wrap films are able to help you express your personal brand or your business brand.

  • A big bus wrapped in a green and grey 3M graphic wrap with the words Peter Pan in green on the side of the bus.
    Bus, Tram & Metro

    Mass transit vehicle advertising means mass exposure. When your customers are looking for unique vehicle promotion opportunities, it goes beyond car wraps. You can find opportunities around every corner and on every street./p>

  • A speed boat on the water that is wrapped in a colorful flame 3M graphic boat wrap.

    Vehicle wraps don’t have to be limited to dry land. When your boat is your baby, commercial vehicle graphics goes the extra nautical mile to personalize it and make it your own. Graphic film also offers brands a new pool of possibilities for business vehicle advertising.

  • An emergency vehicle at night wrapped in a shining, reflective 3m graphic wrap with the words newborn intensive care unit on the side of the vehicle.
    Emergency Vehicle

    Safety on the road is of the utmost concern. For emergency vehicles graphics, the mission is often critical. Reflective vehicle graphics boosts visibility both night at day, helping keep paths clear, and passengers safe.

  • An aircraft on the runway wrapped in a  colorful animal 3M graphic wrap and a blue 3M graphic wrap with stars on the tail of the aircraft.

    Take vehicle advertising and promotions to new heights. Vehicle wrap film can turn jetliners and puddle jumpers into flying billboards. Help your customers wow a crowd both on the ground and at 30,000 feet.

  • A motocross racer with a helmet on a motorcycle kicking up dirt on a curve, and  wrapped in a 3m personal recreational vehicle wrap with flames on the front.
    Personal Recreational Vehicle

    Guide your customers off the beaten path with off-road vehicle wraps. Motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs offer a unique place to make a personal statement that is sure to turn heads.

Featured Products for Commercial Vehicles Wraps & Transportation

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