• Return to Surgery with Confidence - Best Practices

    Webinar   Webinar

    (1.0 CPE, Singapore Nursing Board)

    Oct 16th, 2020

    Speaker: Dr Rohini Kelkar, Dr Gagan Prakash, Ms Veena Thorat

    This session will cover best practices for safe environment for HCPs and safe practices for better patient safety outcomes.

  • VH2O2 Sterilization and Quality Assurance Part II: what the most recent evidence states about the best way to monitor packs.

    Webinar   Webinar

    (1.0 CPE, Singapore Nursing Board)

    Oct 21, 2020

    Speaker: Doctor Brian Kirk

    This session will cover the key challenges involved with VH202 sterilization, interpret recent evidence around pack control and awareness of best practice options to improve the quality of VH202 pack control monitoring

  • Infection Control Priorities in the ICU during the COVID 19 pandemic

    Webinar   Webinar

    (1.0 CPE, Singapore Nursing Board)

    Oct 14th, 2020

    Speaker: Dr. Pradeep Rangappa Dr. Keita Morikane

    This session will cover the challenges faced in managing the patients in an ICU during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Keita & Dr Pradeep will discuss the impact of the COVID -19 on the patients & healthcare workers in their countries. They will also reinforce he importance of infection control standards & protocols to reduce the risks associated with HAIs.

Featured Medical Courses

  • SSI-Post-Operative-Monitoring-Banner-620x300
    Adapting to the new normal Covid-19 perspective

    Watch this session to learn more about basics of SARS: CoV2 infection, understanding the new challenges due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, standard precautions and prevention of cross contamination and understanding infection control practices during perioperative process

  • World-Anesthesia-Day-Webinar-thumbnail
    Laparoscopic Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) Risks and Respirators –What you need to know in the age of COVID-19.

    Watch this session to learn the impact of COVID-19 on surgical patients and Management of aerosol during laparoscopic surgery in a COVID environment. Also, learn more about Respiratory 101 – what you need to know to ensure protection

Featured Courses & Archived Webinars

  • The Science of Securement & Clinical Considerations

    An examination of the technology of adhesion and securement as it relates to vascular access with clinical considerations and a review of MARSI prevention strategies.

  • A Bundled Approach To Decrease The Rate Of Primary Bloodstream Infections Related To Peripheral Intravenous Catheters

    Mary Duncan MSN, RN, CIC reviews a study showing that by following a Peripheral IV Maintenance Bundle that included IV site care, dressing care and IV tubing care, we could significantly reduce primary bloodstream infections.

  • child in medical bed
    Cut Through The Clutter - A Focused Approach To Infection Prevention

    How can you identify the most effective strategies for training teams to combat healthcare-associated infections? Join Patrick Parks, MD, PhD as he discusses how a comprehensive, strategic approach to training can help facilities coordinate efforts to influence infection prevention processes and improve patient outcomes.

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Did you know that grapefruit can help you stage a pressure ulcer/injury? Or that al dente pasta can represent an optimal wound healing environment? In this series of videos, Heather Hettrick, PT, PhD, CWS, CLT, CLWT, offers alternatives to the way you discuss wound care, compression therapy and staging chronic conditions with patients and colleagues. Using items from everyday life – including fruit, pasta, bread dough and candles – Dr. Hettrick invites you to explore the science and art of wound care.

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