Solutions for Providers
Technology to streamline process. So providers can focus on care.

Technology and expertise to empower providers

Providers don’t need more interruptions. They need automated, intuitive tools. The complexity of coding, clinical documentation, meaningful use, and pay-for-performance initiatives can be addressed effectively without distracting from patient care.

  • 3M’s solutions for providers

    3M offers automated tools and services to help providers access patient data at the point of care, accurately capture their encounters, enhance performance, measure quality, and drive appropriate reimbursement.

  • Clinical documentation improvement solutions

    Clinical Documentation

    The accuracy of clinical documentation has never been more important. As hospitals and clinics prepare for the future of value-based care, they are expanding their scope to all lengths of stay, all payers, and all care settings. This opens the door to untapped improvement opportunities that drive quality patient care and the economic health of hospitals.

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  • Coding and Reimbursement

    Coding and Reimbursement

    Coding and reimbursement are dynamic processes. Complex payment systems and regulatory changes have increased the need for coding accuracy and compliance. 3M helps organizations analyze patient data for insights into their patient mix, quality of care and resource utilization with sophisticated classification and grouping methodologies.

    With a deep understanding of industry regulations paired with innovative technologies, 3M helps organizations streamline their coding and reimbursement processes.

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  • Grouping and Classification

    Grouping and Classification

    Healthcare providers generate volumes of patient information that result in coded medical records. This coded data helps providers, regulators, payers and consumers understand the value of patient care, giving insight into patient mix, expected reimbursement and quality outcomes. 3M’s classification and grouping methodologies for inpatient and outpatient settings help hospitals and care providers keep up with dynamic regulatory changes and accurately represent patient care.

  • Outcomes Measurement

    Outcomes Measurement

    We now operate in a world focused on outcomes. Hospital quality scores are public and must accurately reflect actual performance. Plus, the shift to value-based care requires the real-time exchange of clinical information between interoperable systems. To protect their organizations’ reputation and reduce financial risk, today’s healthcare leaders need to measurement tools and services that help them manage the detailed aspects of public and quality reporting.

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  • Value-based Care

    Value-based Care

    30 years of 3M’s clinical data, value-based care and industry-defining risk stratification.

    More than 53 million covered lives.

    Add it together for unmatched predictive analytics for population health, powered by the company you trust.

    With the 3M™ 360 Encompass™—Health Analytics Suite, hospital systems can see the total cost of care, overall health of their patient population and care management plans, while measuring provider performance and striving toward value-based success.

    Our analytics solutions offer the data needed to guide and transition from volume- to value-based care. With our population health management tools, you are equipped with the right information to assess populations, determine the strength of your market share, and provide powerful internal, state and federal reporting.

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