3M™ PELTOR™ Safety Communications Products

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Hearing loss impacts health and productivity.

3M™ PELTOR™ brand brings you hearing protection and communication solutions for noisy environments.


Types of electronic safety communication products

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    Environmental listening

    When hearing the noise of your environment is necessary to be able to complete your work and stay safe but the noise levels call for hearing protection, noise-cancelling advanced hearing protection may be necessary.

  • Worker wearing two-way radio headset
    Integrated communications

    Protect your hearing and communicate with your team whether your at different areas of the job site or in a noisy environment.

  • Worker wearing bluetooth-connected protective communications headset
    Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled

    Adjust your ear muffs to fit for the protective communication type that you need with Bluetooth® wireless technology accessories connecting to your cellphone.

Hearing protection for key industries

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Choosing the right product

  • Built with two-way radio technology integrated into the headset for an all-in-one design simplifying communications between workgroup members.

  • Environmental microphones are powered by technology that allows you to hear and speak without needing to remove the earbuds.

  • Earmuffs designed to attach to our hard hat and provide protection against industrial noise.

  • Push-to-talk accessories allow headsets to be used in combination with a variety of industrial two-way portable radios.

Other PELTOR™ protective equipment

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    In addition to protective communications, the PELTOR™ brand also produces a broad selection of personal safety products, including passive hearing protection earmuffs and earplugs. From tactical hearing protection and earplugs to eye protection, Peltor™ offers quality products, innovative technology and materials designed for comfort, fit and performance.

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The importance of hearing protection

  • Worker wearing 3M Peltor protective communications on construction site
    Increasing worker productivity

    Learn how using 3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Headsets helped improve the productivity of a work unit by 380 minutes per week, increasing the percentage of direct work time from 71% to over 86%.

  • Worker wearing 3M Peltor protective communications on worksite
    Understanding hearing protection

    In this 10 minute video, you'll explore:

    1. Sound levels and the risk of hearing damage
    2. Impact of hearing damage
    3. Inside your ears
    4. Steps to reduce the risk with hearing protection
    5. Considerations for protecting your hearing

Finding and using the right Hearing Protection Products